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    8 Interesting & Lesser Known Facts About Lord Krishna


    We all know a whole lot about Lord Krishna, the most celebrated and one of the most favourite deities in Hinduism. However, Lord Krishna is so mysterious that the more we get to know him, we realise we want to know him further. It is said that the whole universe resides in Krishna. In Mahabharata, Krishna has said that he is the past, the future, the present, he is the good and he is evil. He is present in everything and everything is in him. Such is the beauty of this superpower. However, here we are giving you a list of the lesser known facts about Lord Krishna. Take a look.

    1. The Whole Universe In Krishna's Mouth

    As a child, Lord Krishna was a mischievous boy. The tales of his mischief are famous across the world. As a child, he did everything for the sake of enjoyment and not for the purpose of gain or benefit. One of the tales of his innocence, is the one when he shows his mother the whole universe inside him.

    Krishna Facts

    Once Lord Krishna had been playing outside, when one of his friends came to his mother Yashoda complaining that he is eating soil outside. Yashoda got angry and called Krishna inside. As she scolded him, he kept telling that he had not eaten soil at all, and that his friends were lying against him. But mother Yashoda would not believe him. So in order to prove his point, Little Krishna asked his mother to examine his mouth.

    As Krishna opened his mouth to show it to his mother, much to her surprise, she saw the whole universe inside. Seeing this she realized that her son was actually the divine incarnation. Knowing his fact, Yashoda would not have loved him as a mother. Therefore, Krishna removed that incident from her memory through divine powers.

    2. Krishna, His Wives And Narad Muni

    We know that Krishna had 16108 wives. The most well-known among them are the eight queens that are known as Ashtabharyas. Rukmani was the first queen that Krishna had. Rukmani's father was forcefully marrying her to a king, whom she did not want to marry. She loved Krishna. Krishna therefore, eloped with her in order to save her from that marriage.

    Once Narad Muni came to visit Krishna in Dwarka. As mischievous as he was, Narad Muni asked Lord Krishna to gift one of his wives to him. Lord Krishna put a condition before him, saying that if he finds any of his wives alone, he may take her along. It is said that when Narad Muni went to the palaces of all the wives of Krishna, he found that the almighty, Krishna was present with each one of them at the same time. Narad Muni soon realized that it was one of the lilas of the Lord, the divine Krishna.

    3. Gandhari's Curse

    When after the Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna went to visit Gandhari, the mother of Kourvas, for consoling her, she cursed Krishna that just as her whole clan got destroyed, the whole clan of the Yadavas would also perish after thirty six years. She believed that Krishna could have stopped the war and saved all her kins, but he did not do so.

    However Krishna replied her saying ''tathastu'' which means, ''may it happen so," because he believed that the whole clan had become sinful so it was better if they got perished.

    4. Krishna And Shishupal

    Shishupal was a famous but wicked king of those times, whom Krishna wanted to kill. When his mother came to know this, she made Krishna promise that he would forgive hundred mistakes of Shishupal. So his hundred mistakes were to be forgiven.

    Once during a gathering, Shishupal gave a hundred abuses to Krishna. Krishna counted all these abuses as hundred mistakes. So when he gave one more abuse, Krishna killed him. Shishupal and Dantavakra were two gatekeepers of Vishnu who had a curse that they would be born as humans and be killed by the Lord himself.

    5. Krishna And Droupadi

    Droupadi and Krishna have been described as brother and sister in the Mahabharata. It is believed that Droupadi was the incarnation of Goddess Parvati and Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu and Parvati have been known as brother and sister.

    6. Krishna Blesses Eklavya

    When Eklavya had sacrificed his thumb to Dronacharya, Lord Krishna gave him a blessing, according to which he would be incarnated as Dhrishtadyumna. Dhrishtadyumna, was born out of the yajna fire and killed Dronacharya in the war of Mahabharata.

    7. Krishna In Jainism

    The mention of Krishna has also been found in the Jain literature, and has been represented as one of the triads. He is Vasudeva, described as a hero.

    8. Krishna In Buddhism

    Buddhist literature Vaibhav Jataka mentions a Krishna as a prince who brought his evil uncle Kansa to death.

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