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    Why Does Lord Krishna Wear A Peacock Feather On His Crown?

    By Subodini Menon

    The image of Lord Krishna is very pleasing to anybody who glances at it. Lord Krishna is described as a handsome person who is of the colour of the rain-heavy dark clouds. His red lips are always curved in a mischievous smile.

    Eyes of Lord Krishna are bright and they shine with glory. His face is framed by thick and curly locks of hair. He is adorned with numerous jewels and garlands made out of fragrant wild flowers. He wears yellow-coloured clothes and the powerful Kausthubha gem adorns his chest.

    But the most beautiful part of the image is that of a peacock feather that decorates the crown of Lord Krishna.

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    Significance Of The Peacock Feather That Adorns Lord Krishna's Crown

    For most devotees, the peacock feather in Lord Krishna's hair is as iconic as the lord himself. The devotees lovingly call Lord Krishna as 'Mormukut Dhari', which translates as 'the one who wears a crown of peacock feathers'.

    But not many know of the significance of the peacock feather in Lord Krishna's hair. There are many stories and legends that talk about the presence of the peacock feather.

    Today, we shall take a look at some of these stories and legends that explain the secret of why Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather in his hair.

    Stories That Explain Why Krishna Wears A Peacock Feather

    Why Does Lord Krishna Wear Peacock Feathers

    Krishna And The Dance Of The Peacocks

    One day, Krishna and his fellow cowherds were taking a nap at noon in the forest. Krishna was the first among them to wake up. The atmosphere was very pleasant. Lord Krishna took up his flute and started playing a beautiful melody. The animals and all the other living things listened to the melodious tune and started dancing in ecstasy.

    Among them were a group of peacocks that danced very beautifully. A few among them even went into a trance and fainted. When the song stopped, the King of the peacocks approached Lord Krishna. He then dropped his feathers on the ground.

    These feathers were offered to Lord Krishna as Gurudakshina. Lord Krishna accepted them graciously and wore them in his hair. He said that he would always wear them and no other feather would get the same honour.

    The Seven Colours

    It is said that the all the seven primary colours are present in the feather of a peacock. It is said that Lord Krishna wears the peacock feather in his hair to show that he has all the colours of life within him. Lord Krishna is someone who embodies the whole universe and he holds us in trance with all his varied forms, views and personalities.

    Why Does Lord Krishna Wear Peacock Feathers

    Well-wisher Of Skanda

    Lord Maha Vishnu is considered as the brother of Goddess Parvati. The scriptures say that Lord Maha Vishnu also gave Goddess Parvati away in her wedding to Lord Shiva. This way, Lord Krishna is considered to be the maternal uncle of Lord Kartikeya. Lord Kartikeya rides on a peacock. It is believed that Lord Krishna decorates his hair with the peacock feather as a way to wish his nephew good luck in all his endeavors, as the Lord of Wars.

    Sri Rama And Peacocks

    In Treta Yuga, Lord Sri Rama walked the earth. It is said that once when Lord Sri Rama was out on a stroll, a group of peacocks used the feathers on their tails to sweep the path clean. Lord Sri Rama was overwhelmed by the selflessness and devotion of the peacocks. He promised them that he would come again in the Dwapara Yuga and then, he would honour the peacocks by decorating his head with their feathers. When he was born as Lord Krishna, he fulfilled the promise that he had made to the peacocks by wearing their feathers in his hair.

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