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Favourite Things Of Lord Krishna

By: Debdatta Mazumder

To the Hindus, Lord Krishna has become the enigma. He is the reincarnated avatar of Lord Vishnu who always assures the world to save from demons and evil force, every time they appear to disturb the earth.

He is the mischievous 'Bal Gopal'' he is the lover boy of the 'Gopikas' of Vrindavan; it was him who was the reason and solution of the great Kurukhshetra War; he was the crude politician who saved Yadavs from the wrath of Jarasandha.

On the pious occasion of Janmashtami, Lord Krishna is treated as your dear little kid of your house. Janmashtami is his birthday and you should know all favourite things of Lord Krishna.

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All you need to know about Lord Krishna on this festival will make you more interested in celebrating the occasion. Krishna is your friend, philosopher and guide and he has influenced the Indian culture, tradition and your life in various ways.

All you need to know about Lord Krishna is the favourite things of him. As he is the dear one of us, you always want to please him with favourite things of Lord Krishna. Krishna was fond of butter and milk at childhood.

The stories of breaking 'Matkas' of the gopikas are famous. That's why; he is offered 'makhan-michri' on Janmashtami. Read on to know all you need to know about Lord Krishna-


1. Makhan Misri

All you need to know about Lord Krishna is about his favourite foods. Little Krishna was fond of makhan and sweets and there are several stories, associated with it. This is definitely one of the most favourite things of baby Krishna.


2. His Favourite Flower

As Lord Krishna is the avatar of Lord Vishnu, he is fond of every luxury and class. Aromatic flowers like jasmine, mogra, tuberose, etc. are his favourite flower. While decorating the ‘Jhula' for little Krishna, use these flowers.


3. His Favourite Leaf

Lord Krishna is associated with basil leaves or ‘Tulsi'. There is an interesting story linked with this. ‘Tulsi' was Queen Vrinda who was a dedicated to Lord Vishnu. But, to kill his husband, ‘Sankhasur', Lord Vishnu deceived her. She ended up her life but got the blessing of Lord Vishnu to be eternally associated with him.


4. Favourite Colour

While talking about favourite things of Lord Krishna, you get curious to know about his favourite colour. Though the idols are decorated with different colours of dhoti, the colour, mostly used is yellow. This year, buy yellow dhotis and red turbans to welcome ‘Bal Gopal'.


5. Honey and Milk

This combination is not only offered as naivedyam, but, in many households, the idol of baby Krishna is bathed in honey and milk. Milk and honey is also used in panchamrit which is must on Janmashtami.


6. Blue Is Also His Colour

You already know yellow is his colour. But, how can you forget blue? Krishna has lots of name and one among those is ‘Nilambar' that means who love to wear blue apparel. You must have seen his idols or pictures, wearing blue garment.


7. Peacock Feather’s Head Gear

All you need to know about Lord Krishna directs you towards this. He can't be separated from this ornament. In every pictures and idols, he is seen wearing it on his arm and head.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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