Love Lessons To Learn From Lord Krishna

By: Ajanta Sen

Indians are very sensitive towards their religion. India is a unique country where people are free to follow any religion that they love to. The life of the Indian is heavily impressed by the Indian gods that their religions follow.

As far as the Gods and Goddesses are concerned, different religions have different gods and their ideologies. As far as the Hindu religion is concerned, it has many gods and goddesses, and most of them have their own role to play in the religion.

Most of these gods and goddesses have a great impact on the Hindus. Among all the Gods, the Hindus have a great amount of love and devotion towards Lord Krishna.

He is a mythological character who is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A dominant personality in the Mahabharata, the longest epic in the world, Lord Krishna plays the most dominant character in the epic. The entire epic revolves around this character.

His speeches effect the Indian masses in a very big way. Love lessons from Krishna are very popular, and people, to some extent, follow them in their lifestyle too.

As the strongest character in the story of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna stands as an embodiment of love, respect, humanism, bravery, statesmanship, and much more.His speeches on love to different relatives are extremely good, and the life of the Hindus is largely said to be influenced by that. 

Like the lessons on statesmanship and politics, there are many important things in the love lessons to learn from Lord Krishna. As mentioned earlier, Krishna had a great respect for everyone. So, following are some of the best love lessons to learn from Lord Krishna: 



Love For Parents:

Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudev, but he was brought up by Yasoda and Nand. He had a great respect for every one of them and was ready to carry out all his duties and responsibilities towards them. It is one of the best love lessons to learn from Lord Krishna. One must love and dedicate oneself to their service of parents.


Love For Justice:

Lord Krishna was an embodiment of love and justice. He fought against his own people to establish the rule of law and justice. If you have read the Mahabharata, then you must know that he supported the Pandavas in the battle. He did so only because the Pandavas were on the side of justice.


Love For Motherland:

This is one of most important love lessons to learn from Lord Krishna. As the Yadava Prince and the patrons of the Pandavas, Krishna has shown his great love for his motherland. He supported the Pandava brothers when they asked for five villages of their motherland. He even visited Duryodhana to plead for the Pandavas.


Love For His Teacher:

This is one of the most significant love lessons to learn from Lord Krishna. Even as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Krishna was full of respect for his teachers or gurus. He paid the highest amount of respect to all the sages whom he had ever met.


Love For His Beloved:

Krishna had quite a few admirers and beloveds. His love for Radha has been the most significant part of his life in Vrindavan, where he was brought up by Nand and Yasoda. Lord Krishna had a great respect for Radha and also for all the other beloveds who became a part of the epic later on.


Love For His Friend:

Being the most popular among the Hindu Gods, Lord Krishna has left an indelible impression on the Indian masses, especially the Hindus. His love for Sudhama proves he valued friendship as the status difference did not matter to Krishna.


Love For Brother

Balaram and Krishna shared a strong brotherhood, in which Krishna loved his brother dearly. Krishna highly respected his elder brother Balaram and they shared a fearless childhood. These love lessons to learn from Lord Krishna are very significant indeed, due to their impact on the Indian masses.

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