Why Is The Lotus Sutra Important?

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In Buddhism, the lotus sutra holds a special place as it is one of the most sacred and influential mantras. It is said to transform the lives of anyone who practice it. Also, it contains the crux of the Buddha's teachings. It is said to free one from fear by removing illusions and giving happiness.

Why Is The Lotus Sutra Important

When anyone develops a mental state which is free of fear and full of peace, such a mind will never fall in the trap of illusions. When there is no fear, you seldom tend to be overwhelmed by any problem, you never try to seek unnecessary company and this gives you the power to handle your life's situations without falling prey to escapist tendencies or habits.

Why Is The Lotus Sutra Important- Meditation

This sutra teaches about being in the now. Though most of the other schools focus more on detachment and the nature of impermanence of this world, this sutra comes straight to the point by explaining the importance of being in the now.

Why Is The Lotus Sutra Important- Buddha

Also this sutra maintains that enlightenment is possible for anyone irrespective of religion, caste or social status. It played an important role in shaping a particular school of thought in Buddhism known as Nichiren.

This school of thought believes that Lotus sutra is the essence of what the Buddha wanted to convey to the seekers. Apart from intellect, the Lotus sutra also recommends devotion and faith to reach enlightenment.

Why Is The Lotus Sutra Important- Face

Why is the Lotus sutra important even today? Well, though many things in our lives do change with changing times, human problems seldom change. There would be misery, suffering, sickness and problems like hatred which torment the heart.

This is where certain scriptures come into the picture. They teach us peace, compassion, inner stability, love and a lot more so that we can love each other and love life and move further in the path towards god.

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