Interesting Things About Islam Which You Don't Know

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Islam is more about being in disciple and creating discipline. A man who has no discipline can't live a happy and contended life. Have you ever seen a wayward man living a happy life? The answer is no, as he is not following the simple rules of nature.

Islam is a religion of common sense, behaving in a proper way, loving, respecting and helping others. A selfish and arrogant man cannot be considered as a good Muslim, as he has abandoned the qualities of being a Muslim.

Showing anger, hurting others either by words or physically is strongly prohibited in Islam. Give your women the much needed respect as she is the queen of your house and the same applies for wives.

All Muslim wives have to be thankful towards their man and shower love. These are the signs of a good Muslim couple. Abusing, mental or physical torture is a sinful act in Islam.

Let's have a look at some of the interesting things about Muslims that you didn't know.


Laughing Out Loud

A good Muslim has to look at the pains and sorrows of others before himself being happy. A true Muslim can't be happy, unless all other people around him are happy. Therefore, before laughing out loud, a Muslim has to look around, as there may be someone who needs his helping hand. Laughing loud is also not good in terms of etiquettes. This is one of the interesting things about Islam


Back Biting

Another important thing prohibited in Islam is back biting. In Islam Back biting is considered as "eating the flesh of your brother", so next time when you start to blabber wrong things about others or back stab your "so called" friends remember that you are eating the flesh of your brother. Stay away from gossip and live a healthy life.


Whispering In The Ear

One interesting quality of Muslims is that whispering into another's ear when all others are around is a prohibited thing to do. Doing this will make others think that you might be talking bad about them and thus creates a bad impression of you in his mind. This may also hurt others in one or the other way. It looks awkward and is a bad manner.


Listening Secretly To Other's Talks

Another important and interesting fact about Muslims is that it is forbidden to listen the talks of others in a secretive way. For example, your parents are talking and you are listening to them without their knowledge. No matter how important the talk is, if someone does not want to reveal any information to you, you should not break their trust even in their absence. If you really want to listen, ask for their permission. In the same way, never listen secretly to other's also.



Ego is a major prohibited thing in Islam. It is considered as a shaitan's (devil's) quality. Never be proud and vain. Being so kills your humanity when you may consider yourself as a superior. We humans have been created weak and no good quality of our's can make us superior than the rest. We are all the same as we are humans. You never know if the person whom you think to be inferior turns out to be your saviour.



No one wants his or her parents to get abused,..right? If you want this, never abuse others. Abuses to others may seem like you're abusing your own parents. So, if you find yourself trapped with an abuser, just be silent. If he still abuses, never abuse him back, as he will be dealt by God.


Breaking A Promise

If you can't fulfill a promise and you know that you can never make it then don't make it! In Islam, breaking a promise is a sin. The other lives in the hope that you will fulfill the promise, and giving wrong hopes to others around you is not good. This is another interesting quality that is preached in Islam.

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