32 Different Forms Of Ganapati

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Almost every Hindu household has Ganesha idols in it. Lord Ganapati is the first among the Hindu Gods. No puja can be started without first paying homage to the Ganesha, who is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Just like most other Hindu gods, Ganapati has different forms or avatars. Ganesha idols imitate the various stages of the elephant god's life.

There are many forms of Ganapati; to be precise 32 different forms of Ganapati are known to us. Many of these forms of Ganapati refer to the stage of life he is in. Some of these forms were also taken to accomplish certain tasks.

32 Forms Of Ganapati

Bala Ganapati: Bala Ganapati as the name suggests, is the baby form of Ganesha. It is probably the cutest and cuddliest of them all.

Taruna Ganapati: Taruna Ganapati is a rendition of Ganesha in his teenage. It is known by the 8 arms and a broken tusk.

Bhakti Ganapati: Bhakti Ganapati is a form worshiped by the farmers during the harvest season. Here Ganesha holds a banana and a coconut.

Forms Of Ganapati

Vira Ganapati: The warrior form of Ganapati has enormous 16 arms laden with weapons. This 'brave' form of Ganesha is ready for war.

Shakti Ganapati: The Shakti Ganapati has one of his wives seated on his lap and holds a garland. He is the protector of the household.

Dwija Ganapati: 'Dwija' basically means born twice. Ganesha was literally born twice because he was killed and brought back to life. This form of Ganapati has 4 heads.

Siddhi Ganapati: Siddhi Ganapati is worshiped for achievements and wealth. This Ganesha idol is yellow in colour.

Ucchhishta Ganapati: This form of Ganesha is a patron of the arms. This pale blue coloured form of Ganesha has 6 arms holding musical instruments like the veena.

Vighna Ganapati: Ganapati is often called 'Vignanashak'. This golden coloured Ganesha is the clearer of all obstacles.

Kshipra Ganapati: This Ganapati has a reddish hue and is known as the quick acting Ganesha.

Heramba Ganapati: Heramba is a form taken by Ganapati to protect the weak. He has 5 heads and rides a crouching lion.

Lakshmi Ganapati: Lakshmi and Ganapati are seen as brother and sister. This golden form of Ganesha is worshiped for wealth and prosperity.

Maha Ganapati: 'Maha' literally means 'great'. So the great Ganapati is reddish in complexion and sits with one of his Shaktis.

Vijaya Ganapati: Vijaya Ganapati stands for 'victory'. He has four arms in this form and rides a rat.

Nritya Ganapati: Despite his enormous bulk, Ganapati is quite an accomplished dancer. This form shows Ganesha Him in the dancing form.

Urdhva Ganapati: 'Urdhava' means the 'elevated one'. This Ganapati is clearly agrarian in nature holding paddy, lilies, sugar cane etc in his hands.

Ekakshara Ganapati: 'Ekakshara' literally means 'single syllable'. This form of Ganapati is red in colour and rides a rat.

Varada Ganapati: If it is a boon you want, then you must please the Varada Ganapati. He has 'third eye' that stands for his wisdom.

Tryakshara Ganapati: He is the Lord of the 3 letters and is seen eating his favourite modak.

Kshipra Prasada Ganapati: Here, Ganesha is being called the lord who fulfills wishes quickly.

Haridra Ganapati: Harida Ganapati is brilliantly golden in colour and wears yellow regal clothes.

Ekadanat Ganapti: This form of Lord Ganesha has one one tusk and is rich blue in colour.

Sristhi Ganapati: This little form of Ganapati rides a mouse and is in a very good mood.

Uddanda Ganapati: Uddanda Ganapati enforces the rules of 'Dharma' in the world. His 10 hands represent all the good things on this earth.

Rinamochana Ganapati: This Ganapati frees humanity from guilt and debts. This form of Ganesha is known by its greyish complexion.

Dhundhi Ganapati: The Dhundhi Ganapati has a reddish complexion and hold a rudraksha beads in his hands.

Dwimukha Ganapati: The Dwimukha Ganapati literally has two heads facing in 2 different directions, and a pale blue complexion.

Trimukha Ganapati: The Trimukha Ganapati has three faces and sits on a golden lotus.

Sinha Ganapati: The Sinha Ganapati is known by his vahan, the lion.

Yoga Ganapati: The Yoga Ganapati is seating in a padmasana and his knees are strapped for meditation.

Durga Ganapati: The Durga Ganapati form of Ganesha draws its powers from his mother, Maa Durga.

Sankatahara Ganapati: This brilliant form of Ganapati is the disperser of all sorrows.

These are the 32 different forms of Ganapati.

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