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Why To Keep A Basil Plant At Home?

By Sneha

According to the most popular Hindu beliefs it is considered sacred to keep a Basil (Tulsi) plant at home. And there are more than one reasons for it. You will find a Tulsi plant in most of the Hindu homes. They will have it planted either in their courtyard or in a pot kept in the corridor or balcony. Here are a few reasons as to why Basil is considered holy in Hinduism.

Form Of Goddess- Basil is kept at home because it is considered to be a form of Goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Lord Vishnu. As it is considered to be a form of the Goddess it is used in almost all the Hindu religious ceremonies. It is smeared with sandalwood paste and then used for religious purposes.

Basil is so holy that according to Hindu rituals it is used even at the time of the death of a man or woman.

Wards Off Evil Spirits- Basil is kept at home also because it is so believed that it wards off evil spirits. According to Hindu mythology a Basil plant at home is an excellent way to safe guard yourself from the evil action of the spirits. Thus if any one complaints of having sensed some evil spirits at then they are suggested to keep a Basil at home.

Improves Vaastu- The success that you want to acieve depends a lot on the Vaastu of the house that you live in. A Basil at home removes all the faults in Vaastu. Many a times we are even unaware of what are the vaastu faults in our home. But, don't worry if you do not know them. Just keep a Basil plant at home and get rid of all the worries. A Tulsi plant removes all the negative energy from the house.

Good Luck Charm- According to Hindu beliefs a Tulsi plant is also considered as a good luck charm for many. That is the reason why you will find people eating a Tulsi leaf before they go out for some good work. This is considered to bring them success.

Honour Gods- In Hinduism keeping a Tulsi plant at home is an easy way to honour all the Gods. Almost no Hindu religious ceremony is complete without the offering of a Tulsi leaf. Hence if you keep a Tulsi plant at home then you in a way honour all Gods at once.

Keep a Tulsi plant at home and take to a spiritual way of progress in life.

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