Hindu Gods Of Money

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Considered as the world's oldest organized religion Hinduism has over a million Gods to be worshiped. Quite unlike other religions it does not have a founder. No one can trace its origin. Being the third largest religion in the world, it has incredible and widespread roots all over the world. In this religion we have separate Hindu Gods for each and every aspect of nature and life.

But most interestingly we humans worship only those Hindu Gods who are most powerful and can benefit us. Well you too want to increase the money flow in your pocket by worshiping and pleasing the the Hindu Gods of money. Well here is a small list of the Hindu Gods who give money.

Gods Of Money

Kuber- Lord Kuber, the supreme God of wealth is also identified as the 'God's Treasurer' or a 'Banker in Heaven'. By worshipping Lord Kuber you can attain high financial status and prosperity. Take a head bath every day and get rid of all impurities of mind before offering prayers. It is said that if you are a true devotee of Lord Kuber, then all your money related problems will definitely get eliminated in the near future.

Laxmi- The beloved wife of Lord Vishnu Laxmi is identified as the goddess of wealth. It is so believed that she is the provider of money, fame, courage, gold, victory, valour etc. One of the most popular Hindu beliefs says that if you offer Goddess Laxmi prayers on a regular basis she is sure to bless you with good fortune. Thursday is the day of this goddess in North India. Down South, she is worshipped on Friday. Impress this goddess by maintaining a strict vegetarian diet on Thursday and offer prayers.

Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati- According to some Hindu mythological stories Lord Tirupati took a huge loan from Kuber to marry Padmavati. It is also said that who ever donates money to this temple in the name of lord Venkateswara to help him repay the loan, he blesses them with innumerable riches. To win the grace of this Hindu god take a head bath every Saturday and offer him prayers. Its even better if you keep a fast and do not touch non vegetarian food at all.

Ganesha- This elephant headed God is one of the most popular Hindu Gods of money and success According to some of the most popular Hindu beliefs his worship can bless you with an abundance of success and money if impressed. In some cultures, people even regard his pot belly as a symbol of money hoarding. Take a proper bath on Tuesday, have vegetarian food and offer him prayers on Tuesday to get blessed by him.

Worship these Hindu Gods of money and get blessed with abundant, money, wealth and prosperity.

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Story first published: Friday, June 29, 2012, 17:10 [IST]
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