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Dreams -The Remembrance Of The Unconscious... Contd.

By Super

Not only to Coleman, Bawa is reported to have appeared to many westerners who later became his disciples and embraced the path of Sufi Islam. And interestingly enough, Bawa is one of the most contemporary Sufi master who left his body in 1986 only. In Sufi literature of earlier times we find many accounts of Sufi masters appearing to their devotees.

.Similar is the extra ordinary experience of Daniel Ladinsky and his vision of Hafiz.

Apart from the event of Sufi teachers appearing in people's dream, we ordinary people also appear in others dream. Strangely we have little mastery over it, the mystery behind it remain veiled.

The fact is that none of us, look true to what we truly are (be in photo or in flesh) :) our reflection, our image behold us not. The Zen masters aptly remind us in the famous Zen Koan,"what is your original face before you were born?" Indeed that real face is unseen and has not been captured.

It appears to me sometimes that dreams are like remembrance of unconscious / unconscious mind that beckon us to the mysteries of beyond. “The Book Of Dreams' by Brian Innes mentions a lovely passage from Upanishads on the subject of dream: "A man has two conditions: in this world and in the world beyond. But there is also a twilight juncture: the condition of sleep. In the twilight juncture one sees both of the other conditions, this world and the other world. When someone falls asleep, he takes the stuff of the entire world, and he himself takes it apart, and he himself builds it up, and by his own bright light he dreams

There are no chariots there, no harnessings, no roads; but he emits chariots, harnessings, roads. There are no joys or delight there; but he emits joys and delights. There are no ponds, lotus pools and flowering streams, but he emits ponds, lotus pools and flowering streams. For he is the maker."

There is a beautiful saying of Prophet Muhammad, upon him be God's unbound love, "The world is like a dream that a sleeping man sees."

Auzubillah. To God is refuge.

Astaghfirullah To Him is turning.

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Story first published: Friday, February 15, 2008, 16:58 [IST]
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