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The Treasure Trove

Which is the real treasure trove?


A beautiful story narrated by Osho points out the real treasure of life.

There was once a woodcutter who used to go into the forest to cut trees to make his living. Everyday when he went into the forest, he saw a sage who sat in deep meditation. The woodcutter was drawn towards the sage, but did not venture to talk to him.

One day, the woodcutter decided to seek the blessings of the sage. When he did so, the sage opened his eyes and said “Go deep into the forest"

The woodcutter, that day went deep into the forest and to his joy found some sandalwood trees. He made enough money for a week with the sandalwood. He hence had to cut trees only once a week.

After some days went by, the woodcutter felt that he should go deeper into the forest. On doing so, to his amazement, he found a silver mine just ahead of the place where he found the sandalwood trees. He was so very happy that he went back to the sage and thanked him. The sage just said, “Go deep into the forest"


The next day the woodcutter went still deeper into the woods and to his wonderment he found a gold mine. He somehow felt that he should still pursue further. So he ventured deeper into the forest. Fear, gripped him with the danger of wild animals. But something within him pushed him go deeper into the jungle. As he followed the urge of his inner voice, the woodcutter, to his astonishment, came upon a diamond mine. He stood transfixed to the ground with utter shock. He then slowly sat under a tree and began to reflect. He felt that it was all because of the blessings of the sage.

After a deep reflection, it dawned on the woodcutter that there was something more valuable than the wealth that he found in the forest as the sage sat in meditation in utter indifference to them. He hence hurried back to the sage and fell at his feet, asking for his blessings.

The sage lifted him up by his arms and said, “I was waiting only for you! Go deeper into your heart. You will encounter many beautiful experiences and you will be endowed with many spiritual powers. But do not stop until you find your true self. That is the ultimate treasure!"

The true treasure lies in one's heart as the very self!

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Story first published: Thursday, May 27, 2010, 16:14 [IST]
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