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True Seekers

The Guru begins his work, when the disciple is ready, says Osho through a short Sufi story.

Two Sufi fakirs lived opposite each other. One among the two always spoke ill of the other. The disciple of the latter, upset about it, asked his master, “The fakir who stays opposite speaks ill of you to everybody. Why does he do so?"

The fakir said, “Why don't you find it out yourself? But remember he is not going to give you the truth, as you are stranger. Serve him for a year and win his trust to get the truth"

The disciple thus approached the other fakir and served him for a year. Then one day at an appropriate time, he asked him, “Why do you spread false news about the other fakir?"

The fakir replied, “I am his disciple. I am forbidden to to let out the secret. If you are very keen, you can serve him for sometime and ask him yourself"

The perplexed disciple, went back to his master and served him. One day he asked him for the truth.

The master replied, “Yes he is my disciple and it was I who asked him to spread false rumours about me! Those who believe these derogatory remarks about me do not come back. That way, serious seekers alone stick to me. The other fakir, my disciple has served me by keeping away useless seekers!"

Story first published: Monday, July 19, 2010, 14:05 [IST]