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Sanity In Insanity

The world considers the minority of people having a different view or a different outlook to life as mad. A person who is different is looked down upon, owing to his extra-ordinariness, especially the spiritual.

Osho comments on a story of H.G.Wells.

A small tribe in a valley in Mexico was filled with people who were blind. This was because of the bite of a certain fly that caused blindness. Every child born was born with the gift of sight,only to be bitten by the fly to lose its eye sight. Hence vision was something peculiar to these people.

A man from another place who heard about the peculiarity of the this valley made a visit, getting intrigued. He however fell in love with a blind girl who also reciprocated his love.

The blind people of the valley were against their marriage as they thought that the man was mad as he spoke of rainbows, the sun, moon the stars and so on. They were reluctant to give their girl in marriage to an insane person. Finally they conceded owing to the fact that the couple loved each other dearly, however on one condition! The condition was that the man should have his eyes blinded in order to marry the girl!

Osho says, that a person who has a different view is thought as insane owing to the fact that the conditioned majority follow a similar view! This is especially true of a vast majority who look down upon spiritual people as insane, he says.

Story first published: Monday, August 2, 2010, 17:03 [IST]
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