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Being And Becoming!

A truly evolved person is the one who is not caught up in the web of ideas of 'becoming' but who has settled in 'being'. A short Hassidic story reveals the truth.

About several hundred years ago there was a Hassid master called Sosya.

When he was dying, his disciples enquired if he was afraid to die.

The mystic replied, “Yes, I am afraid to confront my maker!"

The intrigued disciples enquired, “How can it be? You have lived an exemplary life and have led us out of the gloom of ignorance. Like Solomon you have judged between us. So why are you afraid to meet the maker?"

Sosya replied, “When I meet the maker, He will not ask me if I have been a Mosses or a Solomon. He is going to ask me if I have been Sosya!"

Osho points out our anxiety in becoming this or that and never being ourselves. In 'becoming' one exists in duality which invariably invites confusion and misery.

It is only in abiding in the 'being' that one realises true relaxation!

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Story first published: Thursday, July 29, 2010, 15:51 [IST]
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