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Zusiya's Laughter

The law of grace operates when surrender happens.

Zusiya was a strange Hassid mystic. He would break forth into laughter for no reason at all.

Zusiya was once staying in his disciple's house. The inmates of the house accommodated him in the basement for the fear of his strange ways, for he could start laughing in the middle of the night. His peels of laughter could wake up the neighbours and create a scene. Hence he was kept under lock and key in the basement.

In the middle of the night as anticipated, the household was awakened by the sound of Zusiya's laughter, but much against their anticipation, they heard the laughter on the terrace. To their surprise, they saw Zusiya rolling on the roof laughing.

The astonished household enquired what the matter was.

Zusiya replied, “Thats why I am laughing. I suddenly found myself rising!"

Osho says that when one surrenders, the law of grace, a totally different law starts operating. The whole existence also laughs along with such a one, one with existence!

Story first published: Monday, May 10, 2010, 17:01 [IST]
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