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Meaningful Words

Words become meaningful only when it reaches the heart of the listener.

A short story, a Sufi story as told by Osho conveys the truth.

Bayazid, a Sufi mystic once passed through a cemetery where he came across a heap of skulls. To his surprise he came to know that the skulls were different from each other. A few skulls had the ears joined together as there was a passage. Few others did not have the ears joined together and there was barrier between the two and few others' ears were not joined together but joined the heart as there was a passage running to the heart.

Bayazid prayed to God for an explanation. It is said that he heard a voice, “There are three kinds of people, the first category of people only hear through one ear and the message is of no use to them as they actually do not hear or pay heed to. Words are mere sounds to them. The second category of people listen for the moment and forget them later. The message is far from being meaningful words. The third category of people not only listen but also carry the message to their hearts. They alone consider the message to be meaningful (Meaningful words)

Osho says that the story is allegorical and the message it carries weighs with profundity. Hence the message that reaches the heart can only promise growth.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 5, 2010, 17:45 [IST]
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