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My Faith Is Not In Belief!-Part II

Continued From The First Part

Faith has a different connotation, extending more than a mere belief in the teachings of Buddha.

The story continues, where the king is again shocked by the words of the saint.

The king was shocked when the man revealed about his awareness about the king's haunting doubt of whether he was really a saint.

The man continued, "Had I declined your offer to live in the palace or had I at least denied it for you to compel, then you would have felt happy and touched my feet for having confirmed to yourself that I am a saint"

The saint clarified, "When I said that your royal abode is right, I did not mean that the palace was right. All I meant was that I am always right everywhere! I am perfectly at ease anywhere!"

He further said, " I know that you are really puzzled. Anyway now you may ask the question that you intended to put forward to me"

The king said, "Since you are aware of the question that I wanted to ask you, I now ask you what then is the difference between you and me?"

The saint said that he would answer him the next day, when they both go out, to make the king's understanding more accurate.

The next day, the both went for a morning ride. The saint enjoyed the charm of the beautiful morning, while the king's mind was restlessly chattering.

When the two arrived at the boundary of the kingdom, the king told the man that they could not proceed further as the land across the river belonged to his enemy. He further requested for the answer to his question that lurked in his mind.

The saint said, "This is the appropriate time to answer you. Now these are your robes and this is your horse. They were never mine. I am giving them back to you and am going to the other bank. Now are you coming with me or not?"

The king replied, "How can I? That is my enemy's land. Moreover I have my duties of a king. My prime work in life is to fight, struggle and take care of my kingdom. How can I go with you?"

The wise man said, "That is the difference between you and me! I do not have anything to take care as I do not possess anything. I simply enjoy the suchness wherever I am. Now I am going to enjoy the sun, the tress and the river!"

The man's words struck the king as a thunder bolt. He now knew beyond all doubts that he was really a man of self realisation. He begged the saint thus, "I beg your pardon. I touch your feet. Please do not leave as I cannot forgive myself for ever"

The man said, " I do not have a problem in coming back. But you will again start doubting and feel restless. It is better that you see me off. If you want to see me, you can always do so by seeing me stand under that tree"

He then revealed the glory of suchness to the king, "You could not understand me as you have not experienced living in suchness. You are at perfect ease and in deep love where ever you are. There is no need to change anybody, anything or for the matter of fact change yourself. Everything is as it ought to be. Its a perfect world!"

He went on to speak of his own experience, "This is not a belief. This is my faith as it emerges from my profound experience!"

Osho says, belief is of the mind, and faith is of the being. Belief belongs to the realm of concepts and systems, whereas faith is one's immediate experience. One can believe in God but cannot have faith in God. "Faith is existential and experiential"

Reference, "The Great Zen Master Ta Hui" - Osho

Story first published: Thursday, January 28, 2010, 16:40 [IST]
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