The Enchanting Spell Of The Lord

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Divine Glory, The Ramayana
The divine leela of God is so alluring that it does not spare anyone who comes into its ambit.

When Lord Rama slayed Ravana, Nikasha, Ravana's mother started fleeing at the sight of Rama.

Lakshmana felt Nikasha's behaviour strange and asked Rama for clarification as to why the old lady wanted to safeguard her life despite suffering a great deal of witnessing her sons' death.

Rama bade her come close and assured her safety. He then enquired the cause for her fear. Nikasha answered that since she was alive, she could witness Rama's glorious deeds. Hence she wanted to live longer to witness more of Rama's glorious divine deeds.

The glory of the Lord casts its enchanting spell on one and all.

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