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Durga Puja 2019: 9 Important Lessons That Women Can Learn From Different Forms Of Goddess Durga

Durga Puja is said to be one of the most important festivals in Hinduism. During this festival, Goddess Durga is worshipped for 9 days and hence the festival is known as 'Navratri'. Goddess Durga is seen as the epitome of power. People worship her not only because she signifies power but also for many other things.

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One can learn so much from Goddess Durga, especially the women. She teaches that being a woman won't earn you the dignity and pride but fighting against all odds and emerging as an influential woman will surely do that. She shows how every woman possesses immense power to win over the evil.

Just like Goddess Durga, every woman can embrace and adapt to different situations. Well, there are many more lessons that women can learn from all the 9 forms of Goddess Durga. Read them below.


Shailputri - Find The Purpose Of Your Life

As a woman, you need to find the purpose of your life. Not just women, but every human should have a purpose in life. Goddess Shailputri played the role of a vigilant and obedient daughter for her father and found that the purpose of her life was to gain spirituality and the love of Lord Shiva.

For this, she ensured that her inner soul is pure. Similarly, for achieving your goals, you should eradicate all darkness that resides in you. Also, you need to make sufficient effort and work hard to achieve your goals.


Brahmacharini - Have Firm Determination And Strong Belief

Women should have a firm belief and strong determination to make the best out of their life. Goddess Brahmacharini was determined to have Lord Shiva as her husband. She also wished for her father to respect Lord Shiva and for that, she made efforts.

Similarly, women should not let go of their goals and dreams for the sake of struggles going in their lives. Instead, they should be courageous to face every obstacle and not give up on things. But that doesn't mean you will have to walk barefooted in the scorching sun. A strong belief and an attitude to never give up will help you.


Chandraghanta - Choose Peace Over Violence

Even though Goddess Chandraghanta had immense power with her, she chose to walk on the path of peace and eradicate negativity. But this didn't make her weak. She used her power in a peaceful manner to win over the demons.

Similarly, women should focus on utilising their strength in such a way that it helps mankind and nature. A woman needs to be observant and should not panic even in the worse situation. Her actions should ensure non-violence and promote well being of people.


Kushmanda - Win Over Evil With Positivity

Goddess Kushmanda uses her vision and positivity to overcome evil. She chooses to bless her devotees with positive energy and wealth. Similarly, women can focus on bringing good luck to their family and loved ones.

They can encourage others to defeat their evil thoughts and enlighten everyone's path. Women should not get into a fight to win over an argument, instead, they should try to solve the matter by being positive and calm.


Skandmata - Show Kindness To Mankind And Be Selfless

Skandmata holds compassion and affection for her devotees and children. Similarly, women should learn how one can be affectionate and teach moral lessons to their children and to other people. They should have selfless and unconditional love for their children and family members. It is necessary to impart good knowledge to the kids and look after everyone. They should also help the needy and poor.


Katyayani - Awaken Your Inner Strength

Goddess Katyayani killed the demon Mahishasur through her strength. Though the demon was quite powerful, yet the goddess didn't seem to be scared.

Similarly, women must not think that they are physically weak. In fact, they should awaken their will power and become brave. This is because a real woman will never seek attention and will have confidence in herself.

She will stand against all the odds and fight to bring justice to people without losing her courage. She will care and be ready to fight for loved ones when needed.


Kalratri - Destroy The Negativity And Spread Goodness

Goddess Kalratri appears to be angry and fierce but she is the one who brings goodness. She blesses her devotees by removing their evil thoughts, fears and doubts.

Similarly, women should always try to win over their greed, lust, jealousy and fears to become strong. They should also inspire others to kill their inner demon that is laziness, lies, cheating and other evil thought to achieve their respective goals.


Mahagauri - Shine Even During The Darkest Days

No matter what the situation is, women must not lose their will power and should smile even if the situation is worse. They should acknowledge their power of managing and balancing things. They should never forget their youthfulness and enthusiasm.

Though they can mould themselves according to the situation and environment, they should never give up their basic nature and never compromise their self-confidence. They should spread happiness in their surroundings and let people acknowledge their true strength.


Siddhidatri - Overcome Your Fears To Attain Spirituality

Goddess Siddhidatri is known to be the power that makes her devotees forgo their pain and attain spirituality. Similarly, women should work to encourage their family members to overcome laziness and gain new skills.

Women should also enhance their skills and learn new things from time to time. Also, women can choose the path of spirituality and learn to overcome their fears. They can consider divinity to be their ultimate goal.

There is much more to learn from Goddess Durga as she encourages her devotees to become a better version of themselves and serve mankind with full dedication. We hope you become a holistic human with selfless love for everyone!

May Goddess Durga bless you.