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International Day of the Girl Child 2019: Government Schemes For Girl Child In India

To ensure that each girl child contributes towards the well-being of the entire country, the Government of India along with the state governments have launched several girl child schemes for improving the life of girl child in India.

These government schemes will help to empower, educate and uplift the girl child. Read on to know the central and state government schemes.

Government Schemes For Girl Child

1. Balika Samridhi Yojna

On 15 August 1997, the Balika Samridhi Yojna scheme was launched and it covers all girls born on or after 15 August 1997 who are below the poverty line. The scheme aims at providing financial assistance to girl children by improving the enrolment and retention of the girl child in schools and helping raise daughters until their legal age of marriage.

Only one girl child per family can use the Balika Samridhi Yojna scheme.


  • At birth, a gift deposit of Rs 500 and a second fixed amount deposited every year in school as she progresses until class 10.
  • Up to class 3 - Rs 300 per year.
  • For class 4 - Rs 500 per year
  • For class 5 - Rs 600 per year
  • For class 6 and 7 - Rs 700 per year
  • For class 8 - Rs 800 per year
  • For class 9 and 10 - Rs 1000

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2. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

This initiative is run jointly by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao scheme addresses the issue of the rising decline in child sex ratio (CSR). It was launched on 22 January 2015.


  • Focuses on multi-sector action in 100 districts in India with a low CSR.
  • Aims at working towards preventing female infanticide and generating awareness about the importance of girl child.
  • Works towards improving the efficiency of welfare services for girls across the country.

3. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Part of the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao scheme, the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana scheme aims at encouraging the parents of the girl child to build a fund for future education and marriage expenses for their child. Parents can start saving early and the account is active for 14 years from the day the account is activated.

The scheme was launched on 22 January 2015. It is for girls under the age of 10 years.


  • It has tax benefits and an interest rate of 9.1%.
  • With just Rs 1,000, you can start the account and the maximum deposit is Rs 1,50,000 per year.

4. Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana

The scheme was launched by the Rajasthan government which aims at women empowerment and equality in the state. It will provide financial support to girl children so that they can have access to education.


  • All the girl children will be given education by providing them with financial support.
  • The scheme is for all girl children, especially those who are from poor and backward families.
  • Scholarships will be given to girl students from the primary class to higher studies.

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5. CBSE Udaan Scheme

This scheme is administered by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) through the Ministry of Human Resources and Development and it was launched in 2014. It aims at increasing the enrolment of girl students in prestigious engineering and technical colleges with special focus on girls who are from economically backward sections of society.


  • Girls have to be enrolled in Chemistry, Physics or Maths stream in class 11 and 12 studying in CBSE affiliated schools.
  • It will provide free online resources to 1000 selected girls to get into the best engineering colleges.

6. National Scheme Of Incentive To Girls For Secondary Education

The scheme is managed by the Department of School Education and Literacy and the Ministry of Human Resource Development and it's especially for the girls belonging to the backward classes. To be eligible for the scheme all girls from SC/ST must pass class 8 exams and they should be less than 16 years of age.

The scheme was launched in May 2008.


  • Rs 3,000 fixed deposit for eligible girls and this sum can be withdrawn along with the interest when they reach 18 years and pass class 10 examination.
  • It promotes the enrolment of girl children from the age group of 14-18 at the secondary stage and encourages the secondary education of such girls.

7. West Bengal Kanyashree Prakalpa

It is an initiative taken by the West Bengal government to improve the life and status of girls by helping the economically backward families with financial support so that parents don't get their daughters' married before 18 years. The scheme was launched in 2011.


  • An annual scholarship of Rs 500 for unmarried girls aged 13-18 studying in classes 8 to 12 in government recognized schools, regular open schools or pursuing vocational or technical training course.
  • One time grant of Rs 25,000 for girls turned 18 at the time of enrolment in government schools, open schools and colleges or pursuing a vocational course.

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8. Ladli Laxmi Yojna

The Ladli Laxmi Yojna scheme is for girls who are born on or after 1 January 2006 in a non-income tax payee family and female orphans. The parents should not have more than two children.


  • Rs 6,000 National Savings Certificate (NSC) would be given each year for the next 4 years which will be renewed from time to time.
  • Rs 2,000 will be given to the girl in class 6.
  • Rs 4,000 will be given to the girl while she's in class 9.
  • Rs 7,500 will be given to the girl when she's in class 11.
  • Rs 200 per month will be given during her higher secondary education.
  • On completion of 21 years, she would receive the remaining amount, which would be more than 1 lakh.

9. Sivagami Ammaiyar Memorial Girl Child Protection Scheme

The scheme was implemented by the Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme Department to provide financial aid to the girl children in poor families. The main objective of the scheme is to eliminate female infanticide and promote the welfare of girl children in poor families.


  • Rs 22,200 fixed deposit in the name of a girl child for the family who has only one girl child.
  • Rs 15,200 fixed deposit for each girl child for the family who has two girl children.
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