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Placentophagy: What You Should Know About Eating Placenta
Placentophagy, also known as placentophagia, is a term that has originated from the union of the words "placenta" and the Greek terminology for "to eat". It refers to an act wherein mammals eat the placenta after childbirth. Read on to understand ...
Here Is All You Need To Know About Placentophagy

What Happens If Your Placenta Is Low During Pregnancy?
During pregnancy, the body goes through a host of changes. The uterus expands in order to accommodate the growing baby. Now, within the uterus, the placenta develops. Its main purpose is to provide food and oxygen to the growing baby and ...
The Role Of Placenta In Fetal Growth
When the baby grows in your womb, there are 3 main things that act as a life support for your fetus namely - the placenta, the amniotic sac (which is filled with the amniotic fluid) and the umbilical cord that connects ...
The Role Of Placenta In Fetal Growth
The Pressure Of New Mums To Shed The Baby Flab!
The birth of the new member into your family must have taken you into the seventh cloud. However there must be something that worries you at the back of the mind in addition to the postnatal mood swings. It ...
Weight Loss Pregnancy

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