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Hyposmia: Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment
Hyposmia, also known as microsmia, is the reduced ability to smell or detect odours . A closely related variant of this condition is anosmia, wherein a person cannot detect any form of odours at all. Such olfaction problems can occur ...
Hyposmia Causes Treatment Prevention

Do You Smell Something That Is Not There? This Could Be Why...
When you can feel an imaginary odour, that probably no one else around you can sense, then the medical term associated with this feeling is phantosmia. This feeling is also known as olfactory hallucination. The smell is mostly unpleasant and only ...
9 Natural Ways To Reduce Vaginal Odour Women Must Try!
Imagine this, you are out on a romantic date with your man; there is candle light dinner, sensual music and everything is just perfect, so the mood is set and you get back home and get intimate with him. And during ...
Natural Ways To Reduce Vaginal Odour
Reasons Behind Bad Vaginal Odour
Are you wondering what causes vaginal odor? Or are you wondering whether there are types of vaginal odor? Well, firstly, what causes the smell? Yeast and bacteria present in and around the private parts may cause the smell. When the microbes ...
Reasons Behind Bad Vaginal Odour
Types Of Vaginal Odours That Every Women Should Know About
It's perfectly natural for your vagina to have some kind of a smell, sometimes, certain kinds of vaginal discharges can have a different smell. This can indicate a serious infection. Particularly, if it comes along with a change in colour, amount ...
Different Vaginal Odours & What They Indicate
The smell of your privates can resemble your health condition too. In fact, the smell keeps changing depending upon your lifestyle, your diet and certain other factors. Even the amount of healthy bacteria can also change the smell. When the balance ...
Types Of Vaginal Odor
How To Get Rid Of Butt Odour
Normally, good hygiene habits prevent butt dour. But in some cases, even though you keep yourself clean, butt odour troubles you and makes you feel embarrassed. Sometimes, dietary reasons or lifestyle changes could cause the bad smell down there. And yes, ...
Body Odours You Should Never Ignore
Your job might just be sitting in your couch for the whole day, but you might end up all stinky at end of the day. Have you ever wondered why? The reason might not be what you think. Even minutes after ...
Body Odours You Should Never Ignore
12 Surprising Uses Of Table Salt That You Never Knew
Table salt is an unavoidable part of our life. You will not take even your favourite food if it is served without salt. This inexpensive and indispensable food seasoning has been with us since many years. It is mainly used for ...
Simple Remedy To Get Rid Of Unpleasant Vaginal Odour!
As women, it is no secret that many of us might have experienced unpleasant vaginal odour, at some points in our lives, right? Well, firstly, know that a certain amount of vaginal odour, is quite normal, unless it is coupled with ...
Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour
Can Ginger Pulp Beat Smelly Feet?
Doused in your expensive perfume, you walk into the room, brimming with confidence. You take a seat, stretch your legs out and invariantly the person sitting around you edges away, making sniffing sounds! Is your new perfume too strong, ...
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