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12 Surprising Uses Of Table Salt That You Never Knew

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Table salt is an unavoidable part of our life. You will not take even your favourite food if it is served without salt. This inexpensive and indispensable food seasoning has been with us since many years.

It is mainly used for adding taste to the dishes and for preserving food items.

Can you believe that salt can be used as an alternative for many of the day-to-day chemical products? Do you know its beauty-enhancing properties? Have you ever thought of using salt for cleaning? If not, go ahead and read on to know some of the surprising uses of table salt.

Apart from the seasoning or preserving task, salt can be used for many different purposes and it really plays an important role in our day-to-day life. These surprising uses of table salt will definitely amaze you.

You might not have even imagined of using table salt in these innovative and different ways. Let's further discuss on the wonderful uses of table salt that will make your life easy.


No More Onion Smell:

Usually after cutting an onion or garlic, the odour doesn't go away easily. There is a quick remedy for this! Just wet your hands, rub your hands with some table salt and wash it off.


Treat A Pimple

Use salt water as a spot treatment for pimples. The salt content will make the pimple shrink easily. Salt can treat small oral wounds as well.


Eliminate Shoe Odour:

Shoe odour always embarrasses us. Just put a cloth bag full of table salt or sprinkle some salt into the shoe. Within two hours, be ready for a surprise!


Try Homemade Paints:

Just mix a cup of flour with one cup of salt and water. Add a few drops of food colour into it this mixture. Your homemade paint is ready.


Keep Fruit Slices Fresh:

One of the best uses of table salt is to keep fruit slices fresh. Sprinkle some salt onto the sliced fruits to keep it fresh without any discolouration.


Natural Room Freshener:

Take half a cup of table salt and add some rose petals or put around 30 drops of any essential oil. To make it more natural, place the salt mixture on a half-peeled orange.


Sparkling Sink:

Don't go for expensive cleaners to make your sink look sparkling. Make a paste of lemon juice and salt to wipe the sink. This is one of the important uses of table salt.


Works As Fire Extinguisher:

Yes, salt can work as a fire extinguisher at some point of cooking, like while cooking greasy meals. To extinguish greasy fires, put some salt over it.


Clean Iron Box:

Wait before replacing your old grubby iron box. All you have to do is sprinkle some table salt on a brown paper or wooden surface and run the hot iron over it.


Shiny Copper Items:

To keep your copper items to look shining, rub them with a mixture of table salt, vinegar and flour. This is one of the best uses of table salt.


Relieve Mosquito Bite

Moisten the tip of your finger with water and then dip it into table salt. Rub this over the area of mosquito bite for faster relief.


Drip-free Candles

Make your candle-light dinner picture perfect with a drip-free candle by dipping it in a concentrated salt solution for several hours. Dry it well before using it.

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Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2017, 20:01 [IST]
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