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Reasons Your Feet Smell And How To Get Rid Of It
The human foot has two hundred and fifty perspiration glands and secretes about five hundred millilitres of perspiration every day. In actual sense, this perspiration is the primary reason for foot odour. In this article we shall talk about the reasons ...
Swollen Vagina: Causes & Symptoms
A swollen vagina could be a cause of concern as it could also be a sign of some other serious issue which might need medical help. Swelling could accompany irritation, redness, pain, sores, and blisters and also discharge of fluids. In ...
Swollen Vagina Causes
7 Surprising Facts On Vaginal Health You Must Know!
As women, most of us ensure that we learn how to keep our lady parts safe and healthy, right? Well, there are a few surprising facts on vaginal health that you should know. The vagina is an organ that is located ...
Why Does Your Butt Burn While Pooping?
Experiencing a burning sensation while passing bowels is not uncommon. It can occur at least once in a lifetime. In some people, the reason could be a minor problem whereas in others, it could indicate a major health issue. Also Read: ...
Simhasana (Lion Pose) To Stop Bad Breath
There is nothing more embarrassing than having a bad breath, especially when you have to talk to another person or while you are at a meeting. This also makes you lose your self confidence. So if you are desperately looking out ...
Simhasana Lion Pose To Stop Bad Breath
Tips To Stop Clenching Your Jaw
Some people tend to clench their jaw in their sleep. This is known as teeth grinding or bruxism. In some people, teeth grinding could also occur during waking states. Also Read: What If The Vomit Is In Green Colour? In some people, ...
Did You Know These Surprising Causes For Bad Breath?
Imagine a situation in which you are talking to a friend and all you can think of is, whether it would be rude to tell your friend that he/she has bad breath and needs some mouth-wash, ASAP! Well, surely many of ...
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