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What Is A Missed Miscarriage?
What is a missed miscarriage? There is another name for missed miscarriage. It is 'silent abortion'. The reason why it is known as silent is because the death of the foetus occurs without knowledge. In fact, even the body fails to ...
What Is A Missed Miscarriage

Warning Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance
Are you worried about your sleepless nights or frequent recurrence of fatigue? Well, it's time then to consult a doctor. We often face several health problems like hair fall, depression, fatigue or irregular periods (for women) but neglect it thinking it's ...
Read This If You Are Suffering From Headaches During Periods
Though there are so many reasons behind headaches, when you experience one during your period, it could be due to the changing levels of hormones. Yes, some studies say that there could be a link between hormonal changes and headaches. The ...
Headaches During Periods
Is Acne In Private Parts Dangerous?
The first doubt that comes to your head when you see a pimple on your private parts is whether you contracted an STI! Many people think that only sexually transmitted diseases cause pimples near private parts. Well, a pimple could be ...
These Are The Reasons For Continuous Weight Fluctuation
If you have noticed that there is weight fluctuation, then it is natural for you to be worried about your diet, drinking habits, bowel movements and exercise, which do have an effect on your weight.Losing weight is definitely not impossible. Weight ...
Reason For Weight Fluctuation
How To Know If You Have Hormonal Imbalances?
Hormones govern many bodily functions. That is why hormonal imbalances could affect certain bodily functions. We all know that stress is caused by a hormone known as cortisol. That is why when cortisol is released, you tend to feel stressful, frustrated ...
How To Know You Have Hormonal Imbalance
This Habit Can Reduce Pregnancy Chances!
If you are trying to get pregnant, then read this! Do you watch TV till late night? Do you have the habit of playing with your mobile phone till late night? Do you leave the bed light on throughout the night? ...
Reasons Behind Dryness After Childbirth
Pregnancy brings many changes with it and it goes without saying that the lady parts take a lots of stress both during pregnancy and also during childbirth. The obvious reason behind many pregnancy-related physiological changes is hormonal action. One uncomfortable bodily ...
Reasons For Dryness After Childbirth
How To Turn Off Weight Gain Hormones
If you have thought that weight gain is everything about calories and working out, then you have missed a crucial point. Even hormones play a role in weight gains. There are certain hormones that can accelerate your weight gains. When ...
Is Male Fertility Linked To The Size Of Your Testicles?
Small testicles could mean three things: Low testosterone levels, low sperm count and even high estrogen levels. In fact, it could also indicate unhealthy lifestyle and advancing age too. Small testicles could mean three things: Low testosterone levels, low sperm count ...
What Happens If Your Testicles Are Small
Can Beer Actually Increase Belly Fat?
If you are someone who loves to drink beer frequently and if you have noticed a steady increase in your waistline, then you must be wondering if beer can actually increase belly fat, right? Well, most of us may have heard ...
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