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8 Diet Tips That Don't Work
Most of us would have been on a diet, at least once or twice in our lifetimes, right? Regardless of whether we stuck to it or not! Now, usually, many people, when they hear the word "diet", immediately associate it with ...
Diet Tips That Don T Work

8 Weight Loss Secrets From Around The World You Must Try
One of the things that many people love to do when they travel to different places, is learn more about the culture and practices of the people in those places, right? In fact, getting to know about the various cultures and ...
10 Protein Rich Vegetarian Food For Weight Loss
Proteins is one of the many things that is necessary for you to have in abundance in order to lose weight quickly. Boldsky shares with you a handful of protein-rich foods for weight loss to add to your daily diet. ...
Ten Protein Rich Vegetarian Foods For Weight Loss
Diet Tips From Models To Lose Weight
Losing weight has become a major issue when it comes to women. As the year comes to a close, New Year resolutions are being thought about and dieting 'will' be on the top of the list for many women.  As women ...
Diet Tricks: What Really Works & What Doesn't
When we are talking about diet tricks, it is obvious that these methods are not strictly speaking healthy. However, there is a cheat sheet for losing weight. There are some diet tricks that really work like magic. However, there are also ...
Diet Tricks That Really Work And Do Not Work
13 Foods To Eat When You Are High
There are majority of people who go out perhaps once a month for a night out. They will be hanging out with their buddies at a night club or bar and steadily drinking their way through bottle after bottle of vodka ...
Summer Fruits To Help You Lose Weight
Wondering whether summer will play havoc with your weight loss? No worries, for there are some fruits that will help you cut that extra flab. Losing weight during summer is a lot more better than other seasons as you tend to ...
Summer Fruits To Help You Lose Weight
Healthy Diet Lessons To Shed Weight
We all think that going on a diet is the best way to shed some pounds. Dieting is not easy as the body needs nutrients and proteins and if the daily supplement of these are not proper, you can become prone ...
Did You Take The Diet Exam?
Going on a diet is very easy. But, maintaining it is very difficult. Very few dieters end up successfully in implementing their diet chart. Urges and cravings plus lack of passion can be reasons behind going 'off' a diet. Have ...
Take Diet Exam
Easy Steps To Lose A Pound Per Week
There are many effective ways of losing weight. But, most of us want to lose weight fast without taking much pain. And moreover if you have any ceremony in the upcoming few weeks then there is all the more pressure to ...
Green Chillies To Burn Body Fat
Green chillies: The spicy peppers can make you lose those extra pounds without hitting the gym. They are low in fat and burn calories. Green chillies are spicy and when you eat it, you tend to sweat a lot. The spicy ...
Indian Foods Weight Loss Part
Lose Weight With Curry Leaves
Curry leaves: The leaves are widely used to add flavour in the Southern India to make sabzis, curries, rasam and sambhar. Also known as Murraya koenigii, the herb can be effectively used to lose weight. The leaves are a herbal remedy ...
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