Did You Take The Diet Exam?

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Going on a diet is very easy. But, maintaining it is very difficult. Very few dieters end up successfully in implementing their diet chart. Urges and cravings plus lack of passion can be reasons behind going 'off' a diet.

Have you ever heard of a diet exam? Here is Boldsky's diet exam to know if you are successful in your diet or not. Take this exam and find out the results.

Did You Take The Diet Exam?

Diet exam:

Have you followed the rules?

This basically means that have you considered looking at your diet chart before serving your plate? Many a times, when you see delicious food on a wedding, party or a get together, you feel like forgetting your diet chart for sometime. If you have kept your diet chart in mind while picking up dishes, you can answer yes!

How much servings?

There are two sides to this.

Firstly, when you are on diet, you do not need to skip meals just to lose weight. There are many myths related to dieting. Many people believe that going on crash diet is the easiest and best ways to lose weight. Well, without nutritional supplements you can lose weight but in the long run suffer from various health problems. So, serve your plate with the desired amount of food.

Secondly, you have to be restricted with the amount of food that you take per serving. If you think that by having ghee rice or fried snacks two servings and salad just half serving can help you balance then you are wrong. You need to take the required servings per meal that is given in the diet chart by the dietician.

Have you skipped meals to compensate?

If you had fried snacks like pakoras or bhaturas in the evening, you will skip your dinner to compensate for the more calorie intake. Skipping meals will not help you to lose weight. You need to have 3-4 meals that has been prescribed in your diet chart. If you had a heavy meal that is making you feel fuller, hit the gym or walk. Try some aerobic exercises to compensate for the heavy meal. If you do not have time, you can squeeze in some lemon with hot water. This burns body fat and calories.

Had diet sodas?

Just to lose weight, many dieters rely on diet sodas but eat endlessly. If you have added this unhealthy drink, then you score zero. Diet sodas do burn calories but deposit as fats.

Missed gym any day?

Sometimes, when you are unwell, you do not have the stamina to workout. Excluding this reason, have you thrown any excuse to your fitness expert for missing a day's workout? If not then you have got full marks for this question. But if you have missed due to laziness or lack of time for health, then you have not scored any marks.

These are few diet questions to answer. Know the outcome of the result after taking the exam.
If you score 2 out of 4, you have balanced your diet to an extent and if you score more, it is excellent. However, if you score less than 2, it is time to re-start again.

Do not cheat! If you do, you are lying to yourself and playing around with your health.

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