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Decision Making

7 Wedding Planning Mistakes That Must Be Avoided
If you are already in a relationship, inarguably, the most important phase is your wedding. Weddings require extensive planning and consideration of various aspects with respect to the lives of both you and your partner. As far as planning for a ...
Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are You Making The Right Career Decision?
Choosing a career is a tough task and should be done with extreme care as it decides our future. It has been witnessed in many cases that some decisions usually end up in wrong place. But are you taking the right ...
Thirukural-Right Forethought-(Decision Making)-Kural 467
Ennith thunika karumam thunindhapinennuvam enpadhu ilukkuAction should follow analytic decision, resulting from deep deliberations:To postpone consideration until after commencing action is disgraceful.Every plan of action should follow a well considered decision, made after examining all aspects of the problem and analyzing ...
Thirukural-On Right Forethought-(Clear Decisions)-Kural 464
Telivi ladhanaith thodangaar ilivennumaedhapaadu anju pavarNone, fearing public disgrace, will venture on a project,Without full deliberations and a clear decision.In Thirukural, Kural 464, Thiruvalluvar emphasises on planning ahead judiciously.Obviously, no manager of a business worth his name and reputation, will begin ...
Everything In Life Is a Choice You Make
Life is nothing but a totality of conscious choices that you continuously make. Whether you want it or not, directly or indirectly, you are choosing everything. Someone else does not choose for you in your life. It is you who makes ...
Decision Making Conscious Choices
Making Decisions Without Stress
If you take decisions consciously, you will never have any stress! Stress happens only when you take decisions unconsciously, when engrams interfere with your decision-making. Engrams are ‘engraved or past memories’ that can distort or disturb your decision-making capacity. If things ...
Worry Patters Affect Decision Making!
When we fall into this software, this worry, again and again, we often end up in dilemma.What is a dilemma? It is moving back and forth when making a decision. The moving happens because there are so many thoughts inside you ...
Worry Pattern Decision Making
Follow Your Brain
A recent Dutch review study states that our brain makes many decisions without our conscious. It is our brain who takes the decision quickly than the mind.Although it takes couple of minutes for the nerve impulses to reach your body part ...
Why Are Men Scared Of Commitment?
Men and commitment just don't seem to gel. When decisions regarding marriage, family or relationship is presented to men, they prefer not thinking about it. It is a trait which has been with men since the evolution of mankind. Women too ...
Men Scared Commitment
More Options, Bad Decision!
If people are given a choice between the quick pay off and a longer term benefit, they will always go for the instant reward provided they were given the complete information, say the researchers. There is lesser chance for the wise ...
Men Never Ask For Help
Men are generally unwilling to seek a help with driving. The studies reveal that it is the same in the aspect of retail stores too. The study conducted by Nelson Barber, finds that women tend to turn to interpersonal rapports like ...
Men Averse Help
Good And Bad News Are Preferred Separately
When small gains and big losses occur together, communicating it separately is better than combining both the news together.Its always better to say “I have one good news and one bad news. Which one would you want to ...
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