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How Does Cancer Treatment Affect Fertility In Men And Women?
Every year on 4 February, World Cancer Day is celebrated to raise awareness about cancer and encourage its early detection, treatment and prevention. The survival statistics of cancer patients have increased in the past years due to lifesaving treatment methods like ...
How Cancer Treatments Affect Fertility In Men And Women

What Does Chemotherapy Do To Cancer Cells?
Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs to treat cancer. This therapy aims at destroying cells that grow rapidly in the body. Cancer cells have the ability to grow and divide quicker than other cells. A doctor who performs this treatment and is a ...
What Really Causes Blood Clot In The Breast?
Blood clot in the breast or otherwise referred to in medical terminology as "breast hematoma" can be caused due to various reasons. Breast hematoma happens when there is bleeding within the breast tissues which cause a collection of blood to be ...
New Way To Improve Chemotherapy In Cancer Patients
Chemotherapy is a painful procedure and comes with certain side-effects as well. Taking care of the diet and the food that you eat plays a very important role for those undergoing chemotherapy. But a new research has come out with some ...
Cancer Patients New Way To Improve Chemotherapy
Here Is One Best Drug To Ease Chemotherapy Pain
Painful side effects from cancer medicines could be tackled with a drug that eases the effects of jetlag, research suggests. The drug - known as melatonin - appeared to prevent pain caused by chemotherapy damage to nerves. It blocked harmful effects ...
Why Men Have Worse Chemotherapy-induced Heart Condition?
Men undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment are more likely to have worse heart muscle disease as compared to women, according to a research. Cardiomyopathy is an acquired or hereditary disease of the heart muscle, charaterised by breathlessness, swollen legs and feet ...
Men May Have Worse Chemotherapy Induced Heart Condition
Quick Home Remedies To Manage The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is one of the main treatment options for cancer. The target of the treatment is to reduce the abnormal cancer cells that are growing uncontrollably. But, unfortunately, the action of the drug can sometimes be extended to normal cells. This ...
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