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Blood Clots

Natural Foods That Prevent Blood Clots
Blood clots can stop you from losing too much of blood after an injury, prevent germs from getting into a wound and allow the wound to heal. Often, sometimes you will notice blood clots forming when there hasn't been an external ...
Natural Foods That Prevent Blood Clots

World Haemophilia Day: Lifestyle Remedies For Haemophilia
Haemophilia is all about bleeding. So, a lifestyle remedy for this problem should involve in preventing the bleeding. When does bleeding occur? Well, when a blood vessel tears, bleeding starts. When you injure yourself externally or internally, bleeding starts. {image-hemo-15-1492239509.jpg www.boldsky.com} ...
Lifestyle Remedies For Haemophilia
Fatal Effects Of Blood Clots You Need To Know!
Blood clots are a set of sticky blood cells that thicken when a blood vessel is damaged. The body creates blood clots as an ordinary reaction to blood vessel damage. The primary job of the blood clot is to seal the ...
Fatal Effects Of Blood Clots You Need To Know
7 Herbs And Spices That Can Prevent Blood Clots
Formation of blood clots in the veins or arteries can increase the risk of a stroke or a heart disease. In other words, these internal clumps of blood can lead to life-threatening situations. There are natural remedies that you could try ...
Immune System Implicated In Fatal Cerebral Malaria
Johns Hopkins scientists have found that , the cells that cause blood clots, play an important early role in promoting cerebral malaria, an often fatal form of malaria that occurs mostly in children.The team revealed that when red blood cells are ...
Immune System Platelets Cerebral Malaria
Drug For Anemic Cancer May Raise Death Risk!
Washington: Researchers at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine have found that drugs taken by millions of anaemic cancer patients to boost their and health can in fact raise their risk of death.The FDA approved drugs, called to boost their and ...

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