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Why Do Children Need Grandparents, Sometimes More Than Parents? 

Grandparents are important individuals in the lives of their grandchildren. Studies say that grandparents help provide emotional support to their grandchildren when parents experience life difficulties. They also offer their adult grandchildren financial support and the companionship they need until they are old enough and can emotionally and socially support themselves. [1]

Here are a few reasons why children need their grandparents way more than they realise.

1. Provide Sense Of Security

A child's life can be significantly impacted by having an additional layer of support, particularly during difficult times. According to a ResearchGate journal, having close relationships between grandparents and grandchildren during the adolescent years is linked to fewer behavioral, emotional and peer-relations issues. [2] This could be because kids can easily open up to their grandparents and discuss their struggles and issues.

2. Give Better Advice

Grandparents are a great resource for better advice as they have a wide variety of anecdotes and experiences from their own lives. Though parents are always ready to assist their children when they need advice, sometimes parents fall back on parenting practices due to other work-life responsibilities. This is when grandparents come into the picture and open the book of experience to give them advice that can be effective.

3. Help With Child Care

Many parents rely on their parents or children's grandparents for better and more trusted child care than any child care provider or nanny. With grandparents around, children get ideal playmates and entertainment. When it comes to reading a story, drawing or other developmental stuff, grandparents are among the best to introduce them to it so that while growing up, they will have enough knowledge and experience to live a full life.

4. Better Listeners

Grandparents are considered as a second set of parents in families. At times when parents are not able to listen to and understand their children, grandparents take their place and listen to what their grandchildren are trying to convey. Grandchildren know they always have a second set of ears whenever they need someone to listen to them.

5. Nurture moral values

Some of the moral values that need to be nurtured in children while growing up are empathy, kindness, self-awareness and acceptance. These values are neither created by discipline nor by following orders, but from within. Grandparents often foster these moral values in their grandchildren by their actions and make them aware of what is good and true.

To Conclude

Similar to parental love, the love of grandparents for their grandchildren is unconditional.

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