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Teachers Day 2019: How Students And Teachers Can Develop A Healthy Student-Teacher Relationship

One doesn't need to stress much about the importance of a student-teacher relationship. It requires the right amount of effort from both the ends. This 5 September 2019, celebrate teachers' day by making efforts to foster a healthy student-teacher relationship. Therefore, we have brought some tips for both students and teachers to build a strong and healthy student-teacher relationship.

What A Student Should Do

1. Trust your teacher: As a student, you need to accept and trust your teacher. Your teacher has enough experience to help you and give you the best guidance. But nothing is one-sided. Unless you don't trust your teacher, you won't be benefited by your teacher.

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2. Respect your teacher: A teacher is the one who works to make you knowledgeable and help you in gaining the necessary skills to achieve your career goals. He/she sacrifices his/her time and makes sure your doubts are cleared. So, in return, you need to respect your teacher. If not, your teacher might not be able to help you. As a result, you will not be able to perform well.

3. Seek help from the teacher: There is nothing wrong in asking the same problem, n number of times to your teacher provided, the question is relevant to the subject.

Upon seeing your interest to understand and solve a problem, your teacher will help you to gain clarity and find a solution to the problem.

But if you don't voice your doubts and problems, your teacher won't be able to know what you are going through.

4. Be a helping hand to your teacher: Your teacher might be new in the school/college. He/she might not be aware of all the things and your learning habit. Also, he/she might have some other problems. In that case, instead of making fun of your teacher, you need to help your teacher.

Unless you don't accept your teacher and help them to adjust to a completely new environment, you won't be having a healthy student-teacher relationship.

Helping your teacher also means to abide by the rules and guidelines set by your teacher for the betterment of your learning experiences.

What A Teacher Should Do

1. Create an interactive environment: Being a strict and intimidating teacher won't make you a good teacher among your students. You need to create and promote an environment where your students can interact with you and put their ideas in front of you.

Instead of making fun of their ideas or scolding them, you need to be polite and explain the things in a better way. While teaching, engage them by asking questions and encourage them to find a solution to your questions.

2. Let your students put their doubts in front of you: As a teacher, you should let your students ask their doubts without any hesitation. You need to make yourself friendly enough to know if your students are able to understand what you teach. This way you will be able to connect with every student and improve your teaching style as well.

3. Be available for your students: If you see that your students are willing to ask you some questions and are asking for some more time, then you have to make yourself available for your students. Else your students might feel neglected and won't take your lessons seriously. When you become available for your students, you help them to connect and foster a healthy student-teacher relationship.

4. See every student as a different individual: No humans are similar. Everyone is different in their own ways. Similar is the case with students. You need to accept that all students are not the same. Some of them will be brilliant and hard-working, others will be not so active and might not be willing to work hard.

In that case, treating every student, in the same way, might not be helpful. You need to have a separate strategy for every student to help them achieve his/her goals.

Having a good student-teacher relationship help students to become a good professional in their later life. Moreover, it also helps the teachers to make their presence felt among the students.