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Lies That Every Cheater In A Relationship Tells After Getting Caught

You have seen and been with many people. And out of these people, you must have had encountered a cheater. Your relationship with the cheater ended because of the truth you got to know. Cheaters lie a lot. There are some common lies that every cheater in a relationship tells and none can withstand these lies. These lies are very common and repetitive.

Think about that one relationship where you have been cheated, not once or twice, but repeatedly. You still were with them until you couldn't take it anymore. Mostly everyone, if not everyone to be precise, has been through this situation.

We have cried, argued, fought, have disowned those people for a while but we still kept going to them. This stops when our tears are not rolling anymore, we are done with the fighting and we have given up on the relationship and on them.

Why Do We Hold On To Such Cheaters?

The reason behind is very simple, love. This four-letter word has given a lot of difficulties that we cannot just sleep on it. We hold on to these cheaters thinking they would change for the better. But that doesn't really happen. We keep expecting and they keep lying and hurting. The hurting never stops until the love in form of tears dries up and we decide to let go of the relationship.

Our wishes and hopes of changing those cheaters to become a real man or a woman have always made us stay back and accept the lies they speak as truth.

What Are The Lies That Every Cheater In A Relationship Tells?

These lies that I'm about to write below might remind you of your past relationship and might make you feel low. You will relate to either one of it or many of these lies. These lies have given us a lot of bad memories. But now on, this won't hurt us any further, every time a cheater tells us.

1. I Give You My Word, I Will Change For The Better

This won't happen ever. We have been very familiar with this statement. Cheaters often say they will change for the better for themselves and the relationship. But out of 100 cheaters, hardly 1-2 have changed for the better. The rest have been just faking it all. Just to ease the situation for themselves, they take the refuge of this statement.

2. He/She Was Just A Friend

He/She's not a friend for sure. Friends generally never engage in romantic and intimate relationships with people even after knowing that the person is already engaged in a relationship with someone else. He/She is not a friend for sure.

3. I'm Sorry. It Just Happened Over Drinks. I Still Love You.

Cheaters are never sorry for they keep repeating the same mistake over and over again. They keep saying the same sentence everytime they do something that is not acceptable by you. They had been intimate with someone and you got to know about it. When you confront your partner about the same, they apologise and give an excuse of being drunk.

4. He/She Manipulated Me

They know that they are the culprit and are certain, you know it as well. But they will still blame the other person for their mistake, for it might not be easy to lie all the time, but it is easy to blame others.

5. I Got Distracted Physically, Not Emotionally

Cheaters mostly try to take refuge in two concepts, physical and emotional. They know for sure about playing it smooth with a lie related to physical and emotional attachment. They are caught and when asked for an explanation, they knowingly lie about being distracted physically but not emotionally. They say it to ease the anger of the partner and settle them with the thought of love and attachment emotionally.

6. Memories From The Past

Cheaters, mostly women, say this. When they are caught, they deliberately speak about their memories which drove them to do what was not to be done. For instance, they met their ex and had a scene with them, unknown to the present boyfriend or partner.

The partner somehow gets to know and when he confronts, the girl lies by saying "it was just memories that drove me towards him. I don't know how and when, but it just happened. I'm sorry. I know I did a blunder and I cannot change it. I still love you."

7. I'm Sorry. I Will Make Everything Back To Normal

Mostly, when your partner is a cheater and you cannot deal with them any further and ask for ending the relationship, they make this statement. A cheater never lets go of his/her possession. He/she will try to settle things by saying, he would make everything proper as it was.

These are the 7 points that every cheater says and we all know it now. Be careful from here on.

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