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Strengthen “Father Daughter” Relationship

There is a common saying that father and daughter share a different relationship . While a son is comfortable with his mom, daughters gel up well with dads. It is not just a saying but a real fact. In most of the families, you will see father and son rivalry, mom and son bonding and father and daughter strong love towards each other. Why do fathers and daughters share a strong relationship? Is it because fathers are cool when compared to moms? Or is it because dad has pampered you by fulfilling your desires?

Whatever be the reason, the fact always remains the same! Fathers share an eternal relationship with their daughters. Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It is time you strengthen your relationship with your father and make him feel special on this day!

Be all ears: You are sitting with your father and enjoying a cup of coffee/tea, suddenly your daddy starts giving lectures on saving money, career options etc. I know it is boring to listen to 'gyan'. But, you can make your father feel special by listening to the boring talks too! He is not talking something irrelevant. He just wants you to be aware of the coming time. These lectures will help you survive independently. So, next time, be all ears when you sit with your dad.

Hang out with him: You can also hang out with your dad! Believe it or not, hanging out with your father can be really amazing! This way, you will get to know your dad better. There are few hidden secrets that might come up when you spend more time with your family. Go out for a coffee or ice cream with him. Make it a routine to hang out with him at least once in a week. This way, you can strengthen the father and daughter relationship.

Shop with him: This might be a weird idea because both father and daughter will be uncomfortable at times. You cannot go to the lingerie section when your dad is beside you. But, even if you offer him to join you for shopping, he would be delighted to know that you at least think of going out with him! This idea is mainly useful to make him feel important.

Personal Tip: Listening to girlish stuffs might get irritating for a father, but, you have to make your daughter feel important. Women are talkative and you know this very well (out of experience with wife). Your child would love it if you help your daughter get ready for school. Get her few accessories if she is in college.

Which other ways do you use to strengthen the father and daughter relationship?

Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2012, 17:15 [IST]