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Ideas To Make Father's Day Special

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Make Father's Day Special
A typical father's day involves you rushing to the nearest card store, buying out a card or a mug, signing it and gifting it to your daddy. In other cases, you might wrap up a conventional gift like a tie or a wallet for your father. While it is true that it is the thought that counts, this father's day we give you a few unconventional things to make his day more special.

Get his buddies together - One thing any man will enjoy is an evening together with the guys. Get in touch with his friend's children, and you can organize a surprise evening filled with food, fun, and music.

Refurnish his office - An office is that space where your father spends most of his day. You can spruce it up with some colorful artifacts, get some wallpaper attached, or just brighten it up with some photographs on the wall.

Sign him up for a massage - As a father, he feels a massage is a frivolous idea but you know better! Sign him up for a relaxing spa and massage that will refresh him completely!

Make a snack box - While there are tons of ready made snacks available, it makes it more personal to accumulate a list of his favorite snacks yourself and gift him a box when he sits with his cup of tea/coffee.

Revive his hobby - All our fathers, at some point or another would have enjoyed a hobby. They would have played the guitar as a teen, enjoyed water sports, or even would have dabbled in some writing. This Father's day, help him revive his hobby. Gift him a writing kit, buy him a guitar, or take him out snorkeling; anything that he likes!

Gift him technology - If your father is a technology lover, then this is going to be a sure shot hit. Use up your savings, and gift him a kindle, or a pair of good headphones, or get him that new 3D TV Set. He'll be thrilled!

Have an adventurous day - A father would love to bond with his children while trekking, or camping or doing something adventurous. Explore a new place together and it will bring out the fun, spontaneous and spirited side of your father.

Don't celebrate this Father's day just as a formality. Think of it as an opportunity to deepen the bond with your father by engaging in meaningful conversations about how he felt becoming a father for the first time, what he learned from his father and, what he loves most about being a father. Make it a day that both of you will remember for a long time to come!

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Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2012, 18:02 [IST]
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