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10 Things Your Mother-In-Law Would Never Tell You

The relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law is often seen to be a bit different from that of a mother and daughter. There are times when a woman may have some tiff with her mother-in-law. Even though the two women try their best to have a cordial relationship, there can be times when one may not like a few things about the other. Yes, your mother-in-law may find some of your habits, actions, words and thoughts to be weird. Not only this, but your mother-in-law may not tell you about the same. In fact, she would prefer to keep mum and expect you to understand it on your own. Well, there are many more things that your mother-in-law won't tell you.

So, if you are wondering what those things are that your mother-in-law won't tell you, then scroll down this article to read.

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1. ‘Thanks For Keeping My Son So Happy’

Even if your mother-in-law sees that you keep your husband happy, she may not compliment you for the same. She knows that you are a good wife and have unconditional love for your husband. Though she isn't vocal about it, she secretly wishes you to have a blissful married life forever. Therefore, you must not feel bad for not being appreciated by your mother-in-law.


2. ‘I Don’t Like When You Invite Your Friends For Party’

You may love inviting your friends to your place and have a gala time. But do you know that your mother-in-law isn't always pleased with this? Though she may not say anything to you, she secretly wishes you to stop throwing parties to your friends at home. It could be because she doesn't like some of your friends.


3. ‘When Are You Going To Have Children’

This is something that every mother-in-law wishes but may not always express it. Your mother-in-law would desperately want you to have kids as she feels it is quite important to have kids after a few years of marriage. However, she may not always tell the same to you.


4. ‘Consider My Advice In Certain Things’

As a mother-in-law and having more experiences than you, she will always want you to take her advice. Not only this, but she wants you to consider her advice on things that you do. This is because she feels she is more experienced and knowledgeable.


5. ‘I Don’t Always Like Your Decisions’

Even if your mother-in-law doesn't tell you, she may not like some of your decisions. Whether it is about switching your job, buying a new sofa or shifting to another city, your mother-in-law may not like some of your decisions. However, she may not confess the same to ensure that you do not feel bad.


6. ‘I Want You To Value And Respect Me’

We are not saying that you do not respect your mother-in-law. In fact, we want to say that your mother-in-law always wants you to respect and value her. However, you will never find her expressing this to you but she expects that you will understand this. It would be no wrong to say that she wants you to value her in the same way as you do to your mother.


7. ‘Can We Have A More Friendly Bond?’

The bond shared by a woman and her mother-in-law is often portrayed as a bittersweet relationship. You may often get scolded by your mother-in-law for various things or she may get particular about a few things. But do you know that she wishes to have a friendly bond with you? Even if she doesn't say this to you, she secretly wishes to have a more friendly bond with you.


8. ‘You Can Share Your Problems With Me’

There can be times when you may want to share your thoughts, feelings and problems with someone. For this, you may miss your mother or your sister as you want to confide in them. However, you can also try to share the same with your mother-in-law. Even if she doesn't tell you this, she is always there to listen to what you want to share.


9. ‘Let Me Pamper My Grand Kids In My Own Way’

Your mother-in-law would always want to pamper your kids in her own way. She may want to give them chocolates and gifts whenever she feels like. But since you do not want your children to be spoiled, you may forbid her from doing so. You must know that your mother-in-law would always pamper her grandkids in her own way, even if she doesn't tell you this.


10. ‘Try To Learn And Cook Some New Dishes For My Family’

Doesn't matter if you know how to cook or not, your mother-in-law always wants you to come up with some new and delicious recipes. She may not convey this to you to ensure that you do not get offended. She becomes extremely happy to see you experimenting with some new and delicious foods.

Story first published: Saturday, July 4, 2020, 19:25 [IST]