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20 Text Messages To Send Your Husband And Make Him Feel Loved

Dear ladies, you and your husband must have received numerous advice on how to keep the spark alive in your married life. People may have suggested numerous things to you that they think would help you to a great extent. But you will never deny that if either or both of you have long working hours and a tight schedule, spending quality time with each other seems impossible. Even though you try your best to steal some moment from your busy schedule or take a day off, there can be times when you may crave to spend more and more time with your hubby. You may miss your husband while you are in the office or while you are sitting alone at home. You may want to talk endlessly with your husband but the tight schedule doesn't allow you for this.

Therefore, today we are here to help you. You can actually make your husband feel loved and special even if he is busy in his office work. No no, you don't have to pay him a surprise visit or pick him up from his office. Instead, you can send him a few texts that will make him fall in love with you once again. We bet you, after receiving these text messages from you, he will be more than happy and would feel butterflies all around. Scroll down to find such text messages.

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1. 'I just wanted to tell you that I am thankful for the memories that we have made together. I am looking forward to many more such memories.'

2. 'I know you are working hard to give me a better life and therefore, I am your biggest fan and supporter. I love you.'

3. 'I am missing you so much. I want you so badly, right at this moment.'

4. 'I am grateful to Almighty for giving me such a loving and hard-working husband. You are indeed my greatest blessings. '

5. 'Do you know, I have a warm hug and a big kiss waiting for you at home? Please come soon.'

6. 'How is your work going on today? I hope you are giving your best and doing well.'

7. 'Love, make sure you have your lunch on time. I don't want my dear husband to feel low due to hunger.'

8. 'Dear, I miss you so much. I wish you were here so that I could cuddle you.'

9. 'I was just thinking about the day we first met. Who knew, I would be getting so much love and respect from you.'

10. 'I am sorry for hurting you. I won't do it again. Can't wait to hug you.'

11. 'I appreciate the way you work hard as you are setting an example for our children. Therefore, I am so grateful to you.'

12. 'Last night you were so amazing. How about doing the same tonight as well?'

13. 'I know you are busy with your work and therefore, I just want you to know that I love you and I will always have your back.'

14. 'Tonight I am preparing your favourite dinner, please come soon.'

15. 'Your love makes me feel so beautiful and loved. I am glad that you came into my life.'

16. 'Do you know you are the best husband in the world? Why? Because you got the best wife in the world.'

17. 'I feel so happy to see you making out some time to spend with our children. You are no doubt a great father.'

18. 'The way you manage things both at home and office, makes me feel extremely proud of you.'

19. 'Darling, you are one of the best things that ever happened to me. I wish we stay close forever.'

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20. 'There's a surprise waiting for you at home. You will get it only if you come home soon. Love you.'

Story first published: Thursday, May 14, 2020, 13:15 [IST]