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    Why Doesn't Marriage Make Any Sense To The Ears These Days?

    Marriage used to make a lot of sense to the generation before us. There were happily married couples and there were newly married couples as well as there were couples who did wish to get married. What happened then? Why doesn't marriage make any sense to the ears in this generation? What brought this mindset into the people's mind?

    Did love ooze out or did we throw it away? Did marriage happen based on love? What just happened to this present generation?

    marriage make any sense

    Marriage used to make a lot of sense earlier. People were very happy and were content with their partners. But what has changed now? Did we grow out of love? No, we didn't. We still feel the love.

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    What Is Marriage?

    Marriage is an act or an institution where two people join hands including their families to become one or a whole for the rest of their lives. There are mostly three types of marriages like an arranged marriage where families decide on behalf of the bride and the groom.

    Marriage is the formation of two souls to become one and make a family of their own.

    Why Doesn't Marriage Make Sense Anymore?

    There are certain reasons that I have conferred with people and thought, these are the reasons behind marriage not making any sense. Let's go through these reasons and understand the concept.

    1. Societal Norms

    Earlier society used to decide upon the rules and regulations and how a marriage should be and what all to do in a marriage. It was also decided by the elderly when to reproduce and when to start building a family, etc.

    The present-day generation has a different thought about it. We do not believe in society deciding about their life. We take the charge over our lives and control it on our own. We have become more independent than we were earlier and we have understood the society has no roleplay if we marry or not. The norms of society speaking about marriage are obsolete for us. We do not dwell in these kinds of agreements of marriage.

    2. Legal Norms

    We have started to believe the love between two people often makes us do the courtship. But we don't think loving requires a law permission. All it requires is the permission of two people, the ones that are in love with each other. The thing about marriage and the legalisation of it seems wrong to us and we believe if we are in love we can happily be together. We do not have to marry and prove it to the government that we are together.

    3. Independence

    We have stopped believing in the nature of marriage and the reasons for it. The reasons for people earlier marrying were different. A man used to marry in order to think that they needed a companionship to lead the life further. Men used to marry in order to have someone to be with when they were old. People often married for the future goals like someone is there to take care. It was also seen men getting married because of the physical intimacy they used to get. Women, on the other hand, used to marry in order to have a better economic stability. They were dependent on the husbands for a surname, for money, for anything else that they required.

    The generation we live in now has become more independent and all they think of is reaching their own goals and achieving more and more. The target keeps shooting ahead every time they achieve it. The independence in them has led to a lot of new discoveries for them.

    Men now are more career oriented. They seek new risks and adventures in their life. They have started thinking to be single and enjoy their own company. Women, on the other hand, have understood their rights and the equalities and these learnings have made women independent and economically more stable than they used to be. This makes them independent and they do not think of being dependent anymore.

    Thus the people of our generation fall in love and for the satisfaction of souls and when they think of marriage they think of being in a live-in. There are people who marry as well, but that is just a courtesy they try to maintain. Live-in relationships have blossomed at a great rate because of these understanding.

    People fall in love with souls these days. They do not fall in love because they have to or are burdened by any pressure.

    4. Physical Intimacy

    Men and women of our generation have stopped using marriage as the right to be physical. They have become open about their physical conduct and they do it without having any pressure. They do it because of the love for understanding their partner. Earlier marriages used to happen in order to be physical. A lot of studies have revealed the same.

    People of the present generation use physical intimacy as to connect with another person. It is not bounded by the system or by society.

    These are the most on the point reasons that suggests why marriages don't make any sense these days. You may find it difficult to digest but it is the truth now. We have stopped believing in marriages for these reasons and many more.

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 19, 2018, 16:30 [IST]
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