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    2 Things You Can Do For Your Depressed Partner

    Depression is a mental illness. It steals away joy and sanity in the relationship. It is a catalyst for crying, and, at times, causes a lot of pain. Depression doesn't make sense to the ones who are affected by it.

    Everything will be going fine, or nothing wrong will be happening, but suddenly one single thing happens and you are not able to cope with it. It will lead to the unleashing of a tsunami of emotions for seemingly no good reason.

    deal with your partners depression

    It can be torture which we don't always understand; it becomes difficult to explain what one goes through. Depression can happen to anyone and at any time. Sometimes we are too overwhelmed with our own tears to assess what's wrong. We don't quite really understand the situation then.

    When you are in a relationship and you see your partner depressed, you become confused or you become numb in your actions. It is because you do not know how to handle the situation.
    There are certain things you need to know when your spouse is depressed. Firstly, never enquire directly about what went wrong. This brings pain to your partner. There are certain ways in which you should deal with things like this. You cannot directly target the emotion of your partner.

    If you find your partner depressed and you are not sure of how to deal with it or you don't know how it happened, you can certainly do these things for them. These will help you and your partner in feeling better and will eventually help him come out of the zone of depression. This way you will be able to know your partner better as well and what all triggers depression in them.

    Remember, depression is not a disease and it won't be cured. It can be contained or can be supressed. It can happen to anyone and at any time. So, if your partner is depressed, be gentle and kind and compassionate with them. They need it and you need to give them that. Be empathetic in nature.

    Let's see what all things you can do when your partner is depressed.

    1. Do Not Try To Fix Them But Try To Hear Their Pain

    Don't think about fixing their problem. You cannot. Deal with it!
    What you can do to make their pain lesser and their living better is, you can start listening to your partner's pain. Sit with your partner and hear them out. Depression can be taken away when you listen to your partner. All you need is the art of active listening.

    Once you listen to your partner's pain and what is going in their mind it will make them feel better. Those who suffer from depression crave to be heard and not to be told what they should do in order to make themselves feel better, because the truth is none can cure depression.

    What is precious to you is your partner and to be with them and allowing them to express their frustrations, fears, tears, and everything else is your only way in helping your partner. Don't try to solve their problems, but listen to them.

    2. Be Patient With Your Partner

    One thing is certain and it is time and it is the only way to heal your partner from the pain. Patience is like the priceless jewel for your partner and for you as well. It is essential for you to have it and show it to your suffering partner.

    When you become patient with your partner and understand the complications they are having, you make your partner feel better. There will be nights of tears, shadows of darkness in the mind, and situations of uncontrolled emotions shown by your partner.

    All you need to do is be patient and handle. Your partner will definitely appreciate this and it will make him/her happy. Depression isolates people and makes your partner feel alone. When you show patience and love to them, they adore you more and it becomes their personal favourite gift from you. Depression can be contained in this manner.

    These are the two ways in which you can help your partner in coping up with depression. A tried and tested way of life is better than beating around the bush in search of a safe haven. Remember, your partner needs you in the time of pain and you should be with them in their time of need.

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    Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2018, 13:20 [IST]
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