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    8 Signs That Say I Care For You More Than You Do For Me

    By Soham

    Love is all about giving and not asking. The charm of giving always makes you and your partner feel good.

    Let your partner be happy and keep mesmerising you with gifts, not in materialistic always, but virtual as well. It makes one feel important and happy.

    signs that say i care

    Show them care in whichever way you find it easier, to portray your love.

    Relationships are based on the fact of the way you treat them and to make your partner happy you must show care and love. That's all that is required to give in love.

    So, without further delay let's get into the topic and see the signs that say I care for you more than you do for me:

    1. You Are The First To Cuddle:-

    You never wait for your partner to initiate a cuddle. You just get into the mood and start cuddling and that's the way you prove your fair point.

    Yes, it is important to be cuddling in a relationship; it keeps intimacy at par. It helps you in the long run with your relationship and keeps you and your partner together.

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    2. Emotionally You Keep Your Partner Stable:-

    You keep your partner on par with emotional attachment as you help your partner ease up his/her problems and this makes you more caring and protective about your partner.

    Having emotional support in a relationship is a great achievement as it suggests that you and your partner are happy sharing your pain and happiness. Sharing your emotions helps you in being more close to your partner.

    If you feel that your partner is falling short of emotional support, it is your cue to stand up and give him/her a support. If you feel your help is not helping enough remember to ask for a counselor or a family person who is the closest to your partner. They certainly will help your partner out.

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    3. Plan Out Dates As Much As You Can:-

    Take the initiative to carry forward a date plan. Make all the arrangements and then get your partner and head on for it.

    It might be a date at a nearby restaurant or a travel trip together or can even a be a romantic long walk at night. Whatever appeals you and your partner go ahead and plan it.

    Date nights are always good and effective. They show your effort and your work towards making the relationship work smoothly. 

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    4. Ignore Little Blunders:-

    Don't take into consideration the little obstacles like a silly mistake or a stupid joke that you didn't like. Let it go. This way you show that you care about the person more than you care about what they did.

    You let them understand, it is about "us" and not "you and I". Tell the partner all about what you feel when such things happen and how much you get affected. Also, tell him/her that it is okay as these feelings are lesser compared to the love he/she showers.

    5. Your Excitement Is More:-

    For anything that matters, you become way more excited than your partner. For someone's marriage to someone's engagement or even a birthday.

    You both are equally happy to be going but your energy uplifts your excitement and it becomes evident whereas his/her doesn't.

    You might become happy for going out with your partner, showcasing the love, you both share but that might not be the reason for him/her.

    6. You Make Amendments To Adjust:-

    You are giving more into the relationship when you start making amendments to keep yourself ready for any kind of adjustments. You don't want your partner to be unhappy for petty issues. You curb those issues down and make adjustments to settle it.

    Your amendments are more than your partner and this suggests you care more about your partner.

    7. Your Exquisite Dates To Remember:-

    Your anniversary, birthdays, the day you both kissed first, Valentine's Day, etc., are the ones that you remember more than they do. This suggests the fact of you caring more than your partner about the relationship.

    8. Being Upset:-

    You being upset doesn't bother your partner and if it happens to be the opposite, you try to make your partner happy in any way possible and that is the real love that you show. The care that you give is way more than your partner does for you.

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    These all are the ways to know if you care for your partner more than they do for you.

    If you found reading the article worthwhile, please take a moment to write a comment below in the comment section We appreciate efforts and give better content in return.

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