11 Creative Date Ideas For Couples To Bring Romance Back Into Their Married Life

By Soham Senapati

The hustle-bustle of a daily life for a married couple can be stressful and unromantic. To overcome it, we have concocted 11 creative and inexpensive date ideas which would bring back the romance. The randomness of dates such as going to a theater for a late-night show, or having dinner at some restaurant has become too common. 

In this blog, you will find certain new ideas that would not only spice up your married life but will also eventually get the best of romance that you crave for.

Creative Date Ideas:


1. Become Tourist In Your Own City:-

How about this weekend you become a tourist couple in your own city, traveling to the four corners, having the local food where you have always thought of eating but never could, walk the streets at night just like you'd do when on a vacation, wear fancy clothes and head to a bar? Well, plan it out according to your city and think what best you can do as a tourist there.


2. Create A DIY Theme Project:-

Make an artificial garden or build a swimming pool in the backyard of your house. Do any project that would involve equal participation from both sides


3. Book A Home Spa Deal:-

Book an appointment for a couple spa and get your relaxation while enjoying each other's company with the comfort of being in your house.


4. Fulfill The Bucket List:-

Everyone has their own bucket list and helping each other in completing some of them would do real good for a date.


5. Indulge In Sports:-

If you are a sports fanatic and so is your partner, what better than rooftop pool swimming or a bicycle ride to a nearby hilltop? Both can enjoy the quality time and, at the same time, get your fitness at par.


6. Accomplish Something That You Have Never Done:-

This is up to you, wherein you and your partner figure out what you both have never tried doing and plan on it together. It will be a date where you use mind, skills, romance and desire to complete your checklist together.


7. Visit A Vineyard:-

If you and your better half prefer wine and it's luxury, find the nearest vineyard and drive. Walk through the vineyard, as an inseparable unit. Check their wine samples and taste and make a happy romantic day for yourself.


8. Watch a TV Show:-

Thisnever goes out of fashion. Sitting on the couch with a blanket wrapped around each other and having popcorn and coke while binge-watching on TV shows that you both like will never fail to sprout romance.


9. Do A Fun Photo Shoot:-

Take crazy pictures, imitate actors, make naughty and weird poses, and click selfies. Do what it takes for you to replenish your romance while doing the photo shoot.


10. Kiss Angles:-

If you and your partner have not tried out on all the different versions of kissing and want to experience love, start doing the best you can with the list of kiss styles. The kiss styles are Forehead Kiss, Eskimo Kiss, French Kiss, Single Lip Kiss, Hand Kiss, Earlobe Kiss, Butterfly Kiss, Upside Down Kiss (Spider man Kiss), Prolonged Kiss, Cheek Kiss, Lip Gloss Kiss, Secret Message Kiss, Lizzy Kiss, Air Kiss, Gentle Kiss, Teeth Bite Kiss, Neck Kiss, Vampire Kiss, Jawline Kiss, Belly Button Kiss, Stimulating Kiss, Finger Kiss, Fish Kiss, Foot Kiss, Ice Kiss, Fruit Kiss, Cotton Candy Kiss, Paper Kiss, Tongue Kiss, Shoulder Kiss, Angel Kiss, Lipstick Kiss, Bath Kiss, Throat Kiss, Dancing Kiss, Rain Kiss, Kiss Under The Mistletoe, Nose Kiss, Quick Kiss, Relationship Kiss, Shot Kiss, Breath Kiss, Humming Kiss, Party Kiss, Soft Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Sensual Kiss, Wall Kiss and the Bite Kiss.


11. Write Each Other Handwritten Letters:-

Put technology on hold and use the traditional method of telling your partner how much you love them by expressing your love through a handwritten letter.This goes very handy if your relationship has become old and there is no spark in it. Try putting words in that you both have told each other, quotes you used to tell your partner or something that is relevant to something that brings a smile on your partner's face. Be a little bit cheesy as roamance itself is.

So, these eleven creative date ideas would take you to the next level of romance and your married life will definitely cheer up.

Hope you found your idea for your new date and if you think we have left out mentioning on any creative idea, please give us your feedback below in the comment section.

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