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Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

By Soham Senapati 

Healthy relationship never happens by accident. It takes two people to construct a bond that never breaks and keeps fueling the flame of desire in between them.

There are certain symptoms these relationships showcase and considering them we make it obvious that the relationship is a healthy one.

Let's get deeper and see what are the reasons behind a healthy relationship. It is no rocket science that would take to build up a healthy relationship. But I'm certain it does take up patience of two people holding onto each other in terms of love and desire.

So, let's see the varied signs of a healthy and fruitful relationship.

1. There Is A Balance:-

In every healthy realtionship you will find that there is a certain balance that maintians and keeps the relationship going. Having a balance increases your basics in the relationship with your partner and lets it grow. Balance sustains the happiness in a relationship.

2. There Is Romance:-

Romance is one of the crucial elements to happiness in a relationship. Partners make it certain to show romance even in the smallest possible way to keep the relationship healthy. They portray affection, cuddle their partners, present gifts, adore them and give love.

3. There Is A Safe House For Each Other In Your Heart:-

Every couple finds its safe place in the partners' heart. All day long with their busy schedule, they come home to be in that safe place, confiding about the whole day and letting each other know that they are more than happy to be with them. They find their safe house in each other.

They make the very best of it and normally don't confide in others. This is a very genuine way to express your love and thus it makes your partner happy. Eventually, this leads to a healthy relationship.

4. The Magic Words Flows:-

"I Love You". In every relationship, couples rather than telling, show their love in their actions to let their lovers know they love them and are true to their love from the inner core of their heart. Magic of those words just flows through emotion and action and without even knowing, they keep the relationship healthy.

5. There Is Maturity:-

Every healthy relationship is because of the way the couples show maturity after coming together. It is essential in a relationship. This portrays how far the realtionship will go. Maturity in handling situations, in overcoming problems, fights, arguments, etc., is a must in order to have a healthy relationship.

6. Both Feel Special About Each Other:-

Relationship is all about making your partner feel special being with you and if the couple is making sure of that, then definitely they are having a healthy and happy relationship.

7. Sticking To The Commitment:-

This is important in a relationship. Maintaining your promises and sticking to them. Commitment is the fire cracker of a relationship.

It might show sparkles in the sky and lead to success or might burst inside the house and lead to fire control taking charge. Sticking to the commitment you have given is the best way to make your partner happy and guarantee a healthy relationship.

8. They Take Up Responsibility:-

Equally taking up the responsibility in the relationship is great and admirable. Every partner seeks for someone who works this way.

If you and your partner divide responsibilites and work towards the betterment of the relationship, be certain your relationship is a healthy one.

9. They Act As Teammates Not Competitors:-

In a relationship, if both the partners are opponents to each other, then their is a clash but if they act as teammates, they are sure of scoring a healthy relationship. It is a very simple thing but we normally don't see it in couples, as ego alters the team feeling. Helathy relationship involves teammates and not competitors.

10.They Fight Fair:-

Every relationship has fights. Even in healthy ones. But the subtle difference in a healthy relationship is the act of logic being involved every time a fight or argument starts.

Thus, the fight becomes more of a discussion with logic. Fighting fair helps a lot in understanding the perspective of your partner.

So, exercise these methods if you want a healthy relationship with your partner.

For more queries, please leave your questions in the comment section for us to go through and write in the coming articles.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 22, 2018, 16:34 [IST]
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