Rules That You Need To Know About Open Relationships

By Soham Senapati   

It means being in a relationship that is not sexually monogamous. The people in the relationship can, under conditions agreed to by all, have sex and/or romantic relationships with others.

The need of diversity is rising in people. Lovers start craving for diverse factors in a relationship and when they don't retrieve it from their partner, they end the relationship.

open relationship

Open relationship is all about staying together but having the openness of sleeping with another.

I will put it into a simplified version here. An open relationshipwould mean that two people are in a serious commitment with each other but have a pact of a non-monogamous lifestyle.

Here are the basic rules you need to know about open relationships.

Lay Down Ground Rules:-

In every relationship there are certain rules that couples bring in. Even in an open relationship, there should be some ground rules. This makes for the fundamental rise of the openness of the relationship.

This brings in a faith that neither would break if the exploration part includes having sex with others.

open relationship

Discuss How You Want Your Open Relationship To Be:-

Talking helps in clearing the confused clouds above that are inside your mind. Getting into it for the first time can be very confusing. So, talk with your partner about it. Discuss the problems that come up to both of your minds.

Talk about your hopes, expectation, fears and things that you think need to be cleared before starting an open relationship.

Details Are Not Necessary:-

If you and your partner started with being in an open relationship, never talk about the details of the sex or the time spent with another person. This brings in rough patches in the primary relationship.
Remember to never pour hot details into a cold cup. It might break, it might not.

Priority Matters Here:-

Even if you started with an open relationship, remember to keep your priority for the main relationship. Rest all will come and go; but the main relationship shouldn't be taken for granted. This is one important fact most couples forget.

Set Goals:-

Open relationship can last forever, but not you or your partner will want it after a certain period of time. So, keep an end date with mutual discussion and be adamant on keeping the goal a set priority. When you reach that goal, end your open relationship. Get back to the normal relationship.
Later if you feel like, you both can again get into an open relationship. There is no stop to it.

Jealousy Will Follow:-

You can't avoid it. It will happen for a while as you get ahead with an open relationship. Speak up about it. Let your partner know. That way, you channalize your jealousy towards positive than negative.

open relationship

Never Mix, Keep Your Other Relationship Away:-

Never ever try to mix your partner with your new open relationship partner. You do not want that to happen. This would create trouble for you. Open relationships are open but are better if kept separate. There will be an epitome of happiness in your life if you never mix any open relationship with your main partner.

Having Sex With Others When You Are Together:-

New relationships that think of becoming open, try this rule at first. They do not want to keep any secrets from each other. So, they bring up this rule. This means you can have sex with another person only when your partner is with you.
There shouldn't be any neglect in the primary relationship.

open relationship

Go Ahead And Soar High Having Fun:-

If and only if you have a problem in an open relationship, you can go back to the normal relationship. If you figure out that it is not for you, that is okay and you will revert back to your normal life.
If you feel it is best for you, and you are made for it, there is none to stop you from having fun.

These are the basic rules you need to remember about being in an open relationship.

Fill the comment section with your questions if you have any. We will get back with more about this topic.

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    Story first published: Thursday, March 22, 2018, 20:30 [IST]
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