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Reasons Why Women Get Into An Affair; What Makes Them Do So?

By A Mixed Nerve

Think deeply when I say it is a big deal for women to get into an affair. A lot of reasons make her do so. Rather than judging, look into the matter that makes them sleep in another bed apart from yours. Rather than blaming, think what went wrong and what made her do so?

In this fast moving time, change is the only constant that we all know. When it comes to relationship and marriage, cheating is wrong. But there is also a change that undergoes. Cheating is often regarded as a wrong thing to do. But no one asks why someone cheated? What is the reason behind such dramatized events?

Women are very inclined towards their relationships. As times are changing and women are doing well for themselves when it comes to being economically independent, they still remain rooted in their belief system and values that have been inculcated in them since childhood.

When a woman is married, she is extremely invested in building the bond. But if they are seeking pleasure or companionship outside, one should think where things went wrong that made the lady walk out of the door into another man's bed.

It is not something a woman just does for fun after being in a relationship or marriage. What is it that has made her seek the solace that she desires in someone else and not you?

Let's see the reasons why she is having an affair:

1. She Is Not Getting Over Her Past

This is one of the biggest reasons why she is having an affair. There are times, when a woman even if she is married, still lacks in giving the love and accepting the love she gets. This is because of her past experience and her longing for the days of the past. This might make her disillusioned with her marriage. This makes her get into an affair.

2. She Is Bored In The Marriage

It is also seen when a woman gets bored in the relationship she tries finding things outside. This leads to an affair as well. If you and your lady do not engage well in communication and things that would keep you both interested in each other, then change is constant and this will eventually happen. In order to avoid this, start engaging with your lady and keep the relationship active not just for namesake.

3. Emotional Abandonment

Yes, it is true that emotional attachment is much needed in a relationship and if you are not connecting with your lady emotionally then it creates a void and this leads to cheating, thus making your woman find another way to connect emotionally with someone else.

4. Revenge

At times a woman gets into an affair just in order to take a revenge. It is the revenge for being hurt by betrayal or disrespect shown by their partners. Also, they do it because they want to show that they are in charge and not men. This is another form of revenge they showcase just to make their man feel how it feels to keep someone under pressure all the time.

5. A Drop In The Pool Of Sex

A woman gets into an affair because she just gets a drop while she should have the whole pool when it comes to sex. The amount of times she has sex in the relationship doesn't fulfil the desire she has of having orgasms. She needs those to be achieved and this creates a mindset for her to have an affair.

6. She Might Have Low Self-esteem

It might be a fact for the affair as at times women do get into an affair just because they feel they have low self-esteem and in order to gather more they engage with others. These types of affairs take place when the lady and her spouse have issues in between them.

When you take your lady for granted all the time this kind of low self-esteem develops and thus another affair begins when she finds another man who doesn't take her for granted.

These are the reasons that make a woman cheat and these reasons are the ones you need to look into in order to know that your woman is having an affair. These are the reasons behind her cheating and having an affair. You need to look deeper in order to know the very facts and these reasons will definitely help you know.

Do not judge a man or a woman based on what they did. Look deeper to know why they did what they shouldn't have. We should evolve from this judgemental society to become an empathetic society where we try reasoning and seeking results rather than seeking reasons behind faults.

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