Reasons Why In-laws Should Not Interfere In Your Personal Life

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

Marriage is a holy union of two souls. It is indeed a sacred union, wherein two individuals come together to become one and form one entity. In the Indian context, this is something that runs way deeper.

Here, in the past, most marriages were arranged by family members. These days, although the scene is a little different with most families allowing the couple to mingle and spend some time with each other before tying the nuptial ties, families still have a considerable influence on the newly wed's life.

why your in-laws should not interfere in your personal life

Now, while this may not always be a bad thing, there are times when the family's influence may be inferred to as interference to the couple's blissful life. This statement holds good in the context of all Indian families, irrespective of their ethnic and cultural background.

Here is a list of eight reasons on why the in-laws should not interfere in your personal life. Take a look.


What You Dress In Is Not Their Concern

I am sure your in-laws would not like to be told what they should wear and what they should not. On a similar note, they have no right to tell anyone what they should wear and what they should not. As in-laws, they must understand that when you wear a certain type of clothing, it is only because you are comfortable in the same.


They Should Not Impose Their Dietary Habits On You

You have grown up in a household that was different from theirs and you cannot be expected to be well accustomed to what is cooked in their kitchen. While it is your duty to try to adjust to most of the things in their household, they should understand that taste buds are not something that can be tamed.


When You Plan Your Child Should Be Your Choice

Bringing a child into the earth requires a lot of planning, as this is a lifetime responsibility. Unless the parents themselves are ready for a child, they must not go for the same. If one is forced into having a child by the in-laws, this will lead to a lot of discontent, which in turn will hamper the child's upbringing.


Your Career Is Yours Alone

Unless they are from a profession that is same as yours, chances are that they will not understand the ups and downs of your career. That is exactly why they have no right to comment on the same.


Child Rearing Is Your Choice

It might well be that they have raised their children very well. However, that does not give them the license to dictate what values you pass on to your child. At the end of the day, remember that your child is that of your own and they have no right to comment on what you must expect of your ward.


They Cannot Comment On The Friend Circle You Hang Out With

As in-laws, they must realize that you had an individual identity before you came into their family. Now that you are married, they cannot expect you to let go of all that and forget who you were. Hence, they have no right to comment on your friends or other people who are important to you.


You Cannot Be Compelled To Do Housework

The world has come a long way from the archaic thought where the men of the household would fend for the family and the women wood cook and raise the kids. It is time the in-laws realized this and stopped imposing their views on you. They must understand that doing housework or seeking professional help for the same is a purely personal choice and that is something they have no right to comment upon.


You Cannot Be Forced To Adopt The Family Name

Your maiden name is the identity you got from the house you were born in. Whether you are comfortable in leaving the same to adopt the family name of your in-laws - is purely subjective and personal. The in-laws have no right in forcing you to the same.

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    Story first published: Monday, January 1, 2018, 12:51 [IST]
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