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Methods To Rejuvenate Romance In Marriage

By Soham
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Marriage is a roller-coaster ride and we all know it. If you are having a troubled phase in having the romance between the both of you and want to know the ways to rejuvenate romance in marriage, read through the article.

Marriage is never easy and we all adhere to this fact. It is a road with many curves. Romance in marriages frequently runs out of its fuel. And we worry a lot during these times.

This is very normal and happens to each and every married couple you see out there.

You share silences when earlier it was laughter. You share a bed with a pillow in between you both, whereas it was nothing like that earlier.

These are common in every marriage and, in this article, you will find how to get back that romance you both had once upon a time.

You will pat yourself for reading this article at the end.

Here are the ways in which you can rejuvenate romance in your relationship.

1. Gifting Is A Therapy

Small meaningful gifts do wonders with partners. Gift your spouse something he/she likes or always wanted. It doesn't necessarily have to be costly.

Gifts that mean the most become a memory and in marriages, memories count a lot.

So, start gifting meaningful and small gifts. It re-energizes feelings and thus romance walks into the relationship.

2. Communicate Over Texts

Communication is the shortcut to every relationship. In marriage, often we fall short of things to converse and we start sharing silence as a part of the conversation.
Communication is important and it can easily help the romance get back on track.

All you can do is text your partner when you are away.
A short, crisp and concise message means a lot. It shows care and affection and love for each other.

This makes your partner want you and all roads lead to romance later.

3. Convey Feelings

How often do you say "I Love You" to your partner? It gets lesser day by day. We all know that. But that is the reason for losing out on romance.

A couple who normally speak about their feelings with each other has less trouble in the marriage.
Your partner knows that you love him/her, but still the romance fades. This is because you never say it or show it anymore. The marriage becomes granted for the both of you.

Start saying how you feel when you see your partner every morning. Say "I love you", with every chance that you get. This way, you squeeze out the romance from its hidden spot.

4. Weekend Getaways

Sounds like fun, eh?
You have no idea how much it helps in enriching the love between couples.

Go on weekends to places away from the city life and spend quality time with your spouse. Make every minute count. If you have some nature fantasies, complete it.
Weekend getaways are a sure path to rejuvenating your lost romance.

5. Put Technology Away

Start spending more time with your partner and lesser with your smartphone and laptop. Make every second count the randomness of conversation between you two. Once you let technology away, virtual romance shifts to physical and emotional version. Thus, the rejuvenation of romance happens.

6. Control Arguments

Arguments cater to a war zone. All those small disagreements and fights begin to mount into an entire war campaign.

In order to rejuvenate your romance and find a way back to love, avoid small and petty arguments.

7. Compliment Each Other

An act of expressing romance is by complimenting each other in front of others. This boosts up the hidden romance and rejuvenates it back again.

8. Date Nights

As a couple, plan together several dates that you think would be liked by your partner. Date nights are the game changers and certainly help rejuvenate your lost romance.

These are the top 8 ways in which you can rejuvenate romance in a marriage.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 5, 2018, 18:11 [IST]
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