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    How To End The Relationship On A Good Note

    By Soham

    The relationship when turns sour, we find ways to let it go. Ending a relationship is easy; but how you do it is what matters.

    There are so many reasons for which relationships fail to stick. Once we stop feeling that love for someone, we start planning on how to end the relationship.

    end the relationship

    We often back out of such a relationship and become a cold person for a few days.

    This isn't the way to deal with a person whom you once loved. There are gentle ways in which you can end a relationship and on a good note.

    In order to help you out in knowing the varied ways in which you can end a relationship, I have brought down certain ways in which you can end the relationship without hurting or becoming a cold person.

    Before we get into it, I would like you to know if there is any slight chance of getting back together into the relationship? If yes, then consider rejuvenating your interest to get back with your lover.

    However, on the other hand, if you are keen on ending the relationship, read further.

    A break-up is never smooth for either of the lovers.

    So, here are the certain ways with which you could end the relationship on a good note.

    1. Be Direct And Honest

    Breaking up is ruthless and no one wants it to come in a relationship. But if it does, then remember to be honest and direct with the person you are breaking up with.
    None want to end a relationship in a bitter way where you never want to see each other's face ever again.

    So, being direct and being honest is the way.

    You must tell your partner the reasons why you'd want to end the relationship and try to be honest here. Don't beat around the bush because that will make the ending harsh, as you both run around for a single reason.

    2. Be Respectful And Gentle

    While you are being honest and direct, also try to be gentle and respectful. The person you are ending the relationship with was once upon a time your favourite and you were in love with each other.

    Hurting wouldn't do good at this point. So, as you speak directly, do it with respect and be gentle as you do.
    This way, you won't hurt the person you are ending the relationship with.

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    3. Phrase Your Words

    Words play a vital role in the end, as it did in the start. Choosing the right words to say while ending the relationship can be a twist.

    Be honest with the words you speak and don't spend too much time in defending what you say. There will definitely be an argument and to avoid it, you need to frame the words in such a form that it doesn't hurt the sentiments even while ending the relationship.

    Trust me, you need the words to be true and to the point, while you are ending the relationship.

    4. Do Not Give Hopes You Can't Fulfill

    We see people while ending their relationship say they would be friends and continue being in touch. Half of the people in the world when they end a relationship, tend to say such things when they don't even mean to be in touch or be friends with their now ex.

    So, when you end the relationship, be true to what hopes you give to the person. If you don't want to be in touch with them, say it directly. Never give a false hope when you know you are not abiding by it.

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    5. Let Them Take Their Time To Process

    Not everyone can work their minds as you do. So, when you end the relationship, let the other person take his/her time to process the end in his/her own way. Don't pressurize the other person.

    Give the person some space to understand the end of the relationship. You can't comfort the person, so let them take their own time to feel better.

    By this process, you are certain of ending the relationship without causing much trouble for you or for them.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 6, 2018, 15:17 [IST]
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