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    How To Cope With A Moody Partner?

    By Soham

    Have you ever had or seen a mood swing? Do you understand why it happens? Do you cope well with your partner while they face such mood swings? Read this article to know how you can cope with such mood swings. Some of us seem to have pretty constant moods, while others' moods are much more turbulent.

    how to cope with a moody partner

    Dealing with moody people can become tiresome in the long-term relationship. It is normal for everyone to be a little moody from time to time, some people have more frequent and more volatile mood swings. If your partner is one of those people, life can really become unpleasant.

    Let's see the ways we can cope with a moody partner.

    How To Cope With A Moody Partner?

    1. Evaluate If Your Partner Needs Professional Help

    These mood swings can lead to depression and thus it will be a direct effect on your relationship. It is better to be sure beforehand itself so that you avoid any problems later. An emotionally volatile partner may have an underlying problem such as depression, anxiety or a personality disorder that needs professional help.

    There are many options available when it comes to treating mood disorders and depression. It is always easy to say that everything is okay but honestly it isn't. Evaluate properly whether your partner really needs a professional's help or is it just for the time being and it will be okay. Knowing it is very important.

    2. Find If You Are The Reasons Behind Your Partner's Mood Swings

    Are you the reason behind your partner feeling low or having constant mood swings? Evaluate yourself and see if you are creating any trouble. At times it happens because of things you told and things you did that could have hurt him mentally. Do you find yourself feeding the moodiness by reacting to them in a certain way? Is there something you can do to change, so you can be more helpful rather than harmful? These things when you ask yourself you get the answers and then you know for certain if you are the reason behind your partner's mood swings.

    3. Understand Your Battle

    Sometimes moodiness is an attention-seeking behavior. If this is the case, you need to decide whether or not it is worth addressing. Feel what your partner wants and if it is necessary at all to address the concern and if it is address it else let it go.

    4. Stay In The Radius

    Every relationship has it's own radius that both partners set. This is also called the boundary. The radius tells us the limit and how far we can go without having any troubles in the relationship. You and your partner need to know this radius in order to have a better life. If due to mood swings, your partner starts yelling at you, the rather confronting you need to keep it low and discuss it later when he/she has calmed down.

    5. Either You Love Or You Leave

    You have to take a decision about the situation. Whether you want to deal with the situation or you want to leave.
    That says either you stay and love the person or you directly leave if you are unable to handle the pressure of being with a moody partner.

    6. Try Waiting For The Partner To Heal

    Mood swings are temporary and that is the reason why they are called as such. A moody person may simply be going through a rough time in his or her life, especially if moodiness is not normal. Your partner may be exhausted, ill, worried, or unhappy. If so, once the root cause is resolved, the moodiness is likely to recede. Your partner may just need to be listened to and supported. However, if your partner is habitually moody and cranky for no apparent reason, there may be more to it. So figure out and wait for your partner to heal.

    These are the 6 ways in which you can deal with your moody partner.

    Story first published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 21:30 [IST]
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