Life Hacks: Tips To Get Along With Your Sister-In-Law

By Shatavisha Chakravorty
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In the Indian context, marriage is more than a mere union of two people; it involves their respective families as well. When a womanmarries a man and goes to live with his family, she usually takes utmost care to ensure that she pleases her in-laws.

However, one important member of her new family that she often ends up neglecting is her sister-in-law.One cannot neglect the fact that this sister-in-law is probably the one whom her husband confided his first secrets (maybe even her love for her).

how to get along with sister-in-law

It is obvious that the siblings might share a close bond and irrespective of whether your husband spells it out for you or not, you getting to know his sister well is important to him.

This makes it all the way more important for you to put in efforts to gel well with your sister-in-law. Now, while it is easier to impress someone of the older generation (some good 'sanskars' coupled with good cutlery skills will do the trick here) or the younger (chocolates and toys are the key here), things are not that easy when you have to deal with someone of your generation.

Here is a list of ten tips that will make things easier for you.


1. Don’t Speak Ill Of Her In Front Of Your Husband:

Understand that she is important to your husband and that she was an integral part of his life way before you came into the picture. It is your duty to respect her for the same. By speaking ill about her to your husband, you are only making things more difficult for your husband. Since he is close to her, he might well tell her all that you spoke about her and this will only aggravate the situation and might even result in a bad fight.


2. Go For Shopping Together

There are very few cases when a woman does not like shopping. So by going out on a shopping spree with your sister-in-law, you will not just get to spend time with her, but it will also foster the way for the two of you to get to understand each other better. Hence, investing your time and money in shopping together is a good idea.


3. Befriend Her

You might have a lot of friends and so might she. However, it is a good practice to be a friend to each other as well. Considering that you are going to be a family for the rest of your lives, this friendship is one that will stand the test of time. Hence, investing your time and energy in nurturing this friendship will be a worthy investment.


4. Remember That She Has The Best Interests In Mind

There might be times when the two of you will have a difference of opinion on a number of things. Do not take it for granted that your ideas are always superior. Remember that she has loved your husband for way longer than you have and, just like you, she has his best interests in mind.


5. Pursue Common Hobbies Together

Since the two of you are women who have grown up in the same time frame, chances are that some of your hobbies will overlap. Make sure you find out what they are and find out the means of pursuing the same together. This small gesture will go a long way in building a strong relationship.


6. Don’t Forget To Wish Her On Birthdays And Anniversaries

In case your sister-in-law is married or lives out of town, make sure that you do not miss out on wishing her on her birthday and anniversary. It will be great if you can send her gifts on these occasions as well. The gifts need not be very elaborate and grand. Giving a gift is a gesture that she will surely appreciate.


7. Involve Her In Your Life Decisions

It really does not matter if you follow her advice or not. The fact that you asked for her opinion and considered it to be important enough is what will melt her heart and pave the way for a bond that will last a lifetime. Hence, it is important that you ask her option in all the major decisions of your life.


8. Go For AGirls’ Night Out

It is a good idea to spend time with your sister-in-law in the absence of your husband. There are things you cannot speak to her in his presence and vice versa. This type of ‘only girls' night will make you guys get closer than what you thought was ever possible.If both of you are not really the type of girls who are fond of going out, housing an in-house pajama party may also be a good idea. But make sure that your husband or other family members are not involved in the same. This should be a bonding time for the two of you without any external interference.


9. Hit The Pub Together

Unless either of you are teetotalers, it is a good idea to drink together. People tend to open up better when they are drunk. That is why people say that girls who drink together stay together. However, if you guys plan to get completely sloshed, it is a good idea to make your husband tag along for the night. Two completely drunk ladies at the pub all on their own in the middle of the night might not be a very good idea (at least in the Indian context).


10. Cook Together

Talking of the bonding that happens over food, most people are of the belief that all of it happens when you eat together. This is far from being true. Spending time in the kitchen, one gets to know the other person way better. Another major perk of this initiative is the fact that you get to learn a number of new recipes that you would not have otherwise heard of. Thus, this is an act you must definitely engage in to improve your relationship with your sister-in-law.

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    Story first published: Saturday, February 24, 2018, 12:57 [IST]
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