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    Are You Ready For Marriage Yet? These Signs Will Tell You.

    By Soham

    Finding trouble with the question if you are ready to marry or not? How can you tell that you are not ready for marriage yet?

    These questions eat you up when you reach the age of marriage. It depends on individuals to individuals, the age at which they'd want to marry.

    ready for marriage yet

    It is often seen that the questions about marriage come from parents and other relatives and neighbors.
    Marriage is a wild constitution with several laws. This fact about it makes us tensed when we think about it. It is a beautiful bonding of two souls, but some are pretty sure of not getting into it and some are extremely troubled when they are asked if they are ready for marriage or not. You are not alone here, I stand beside you too. Prolly, I am heading the club of confused people.

    Well, there are certain signs that I have seen which say a lot about us, THE CONFUSED INDIVIDUALS.

    We are pressurized by the people surrounding us, to get married.

    Let me take the beacon of this group and guide you all to know if you are ready for marriage yet or not.

    Are You Ready For Marriage Yet? These Signs Will Tell You.

    1. You Fantasize Wedding

    This is funny!

    If you are the person who has dreamt of wearing a wedding gown, having a fine-cut diamond on your finger and kissing someone in the presence of everyone, with throwing flowers before you go, then my dear you are not ready for marriage. You are just in awe of the idea of the marriage day. What comes next day, I am certain you are not ready for it. Better be sure than to avoid giving back the ring someday sooner.

    2. Take Your Time In Figuring Out

    If you are still in a dilemma if he is the lucky one and you are the luckiest to have her because you don't want to search further but settle. Yes, if you feel you are just going to settle down and stop trying your options. Then, you are not ready.

    It is better to kiss a thousand frogs in order to find that one charming prince.

    Don't rush! It is the most precious day in your life. Do not just do it. The wait is important and necessary.
    Figure out the fact that you want him and you are not marrying to settle but to rejoice one another.

    3. You Feel You Don't Need Anyone

    This is a sign that tells your answer to the question, whether you are ready for marriage or not.
    You still feel that you don't want a second person in your life to make you feel complete and you are happy the way you are and you don't want to add anyone else into your awesome personal life.

    Till the time you yourself don't feel another human's need, you are certain that you need not want to marry anyone for the sake of marrying. You understand that marriage is a pact between two and you respect the pact. It is just that you are not ready to commit to such a pact yet.
    Take your time to your soul decides for you.

    4. You Feel You Are Being Pressurized

    If you think it is your family, friends, and relatives that want you to marry, then be honest with yourself and with them. You are not ready for the marriage yet.

    If you marry in pressure, you need to know that you are not going to keep your partner happy. And you will forever regret this decision.

    There are other souls who put pressure too. Your neighbors! Stop paying attention to their silly queries of when you are getting married.

    Until you feel you want to marry, don't marry until then.

    5. You Want More Time For Yourself

    You have not been single for a long time. You want to feel good and start loving yourself first. This is the way you can love someone else as well. You want to know yourself in a much better way and outside of a relationship for that matter.

    You are not ready for marriage yet. First, figure your own soul and then let another one figure your soul.
    These are the 5 most important signs that tell you about yourself and why you are not ready to marry yet. And it is absolutely okay!

    Don't marry unless you want to marry.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2018, 12:45 [IST]
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